Working with LiaThePoet

Picture this for a moment:
You’re favorite actor/actress, musician, or author came up to you and said, “I’m a big fan and I’d love to work with you

How would you react? This is what ran through my mind when it came to working with LiaThePoet on Words Over Wine and In Our Elements.

Having followed her blog at the end of 2019, I still remember the first post I liked. It has been a long time but it was an empowering piece with the Greek warrior, Chiron, as her image (I remember that part!). Ever since then, I’ve been watching her style evolve, watching as she elegantly chooses her words, and adding powerful imagery to her posts—the person she is today.

She is also the one who found out from my post, “Her Vows”, that I wrote from a fictional point of view—and I think it was also one of my earlier attempts at gender-swapping too.

After working with her on both posts, I noticed our similarity and our differences.

Our Similarity

The backstory behind “In Our Elements” was a draft Lia was working on before she sent it to me as a possible piece to work with. The blend of nature and romance won me over instantly!

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes prior to her writing it but most of my posts aren’t usually pretty to begin with. She didn’t have any side notes like words to work with or a key emotion that she was trying to capture. All I saw were a few lines and watched her work from there—similar to my “Only one line” thought process.

A lot can go on from outlining, picking key words or phrases to use, and a goal emotion we try to evoke or portray in our writing. Lia and I are similar in a way of just working with what sounds “really good to us” and going from there.

Our Differences

Although we are part of the majority when it comes to writing about love, how we go about our planning and writing greatly differs—as it should.

I like to write with a character in mind and imagine what I would do or feel in their shoes, pulling from personal experiences and then twisting it around to make it look pretty for you to read.

With Lia, she balances her emotions and imagery so well, I have to remind myself that she is writing for her and not from anyone else’s perspective. I am honestly envious of how she uses her insecurities and personal beliefs to have them perform so well together in most, if not all, of her work.

(I say envious because I normally destroy most of my drafts while she bravely posts hers—it’s her courage to follow through with publishing that I’m mainly envious of, just so we’re clear).

LiaThePoet, a friend to many and one of my favorite writers on WordPress, is someone I can’t believe I collaborated with. If only you knew how much time was spent screaming like a star-struck fan, then you wouldn’t believe we finished these posts earlier than expected.

A perfect representation of what was going on behind my screen

Lia, your modesty and humility are obvious when you talk about your work. I’m pretty sure your readers and followers would agree, “you’re damn good at what you do and you should be proud of that!

It wouldn’t surprise me if you already “Follow” her but if you haven’t, I would personally recommend her to anyone! Not only is her writing breathtaking but she also makes you feel so welcomed when she’s replying to everyone who leaves her a comment.

Thank you so much Lia! I’m still trying to get over the fact I actually worked with you (please refer back to the GIF for reference) 😊😁

In Our Elements

And everywhere there were sharp edges
but there was a comfort in him
And everywhere there were people longing for a fight
but there was a peace in him
And everywhere a hurricane was roiling
but there was a harbour in him
And I the hurricane-glider
came to rest with him.

Lost in silhouetted storms of tainted memories
she was the sunrise and sunset I’ve sought
Hiding in safe-keeping, away from the world
she held out her hand in comfort
Enraged by the constant rolling of waves
she came to me undeterred
For I am not an island but a man
finding refuge in her

Every time it counted he was there
He didn’t disappear on me
Every time his solidity helped me self-repair
He didn’t override me
He was the mountain I over-flew
while looking for respite from ever-whirling blue
He remained a safe-landing
and let me keep my freedom, too

Each and every time I was lost
she is always the first to find me
Each and every dreadful tear she cries
I willingly drown myself to be with her
She is the sea and I o’er top her
sailing to a distance beyond forever
Her heart and soul, the island she bore me
will forever guide me home.

This piece was an original by the talented LiaThePoet AND the multi-tasking, snack-eating poetry enthusiast wonder—me 😁. We do hope you enjoyed it.

*Art by Amanda Hoskin titled “Dramatic Sea and Sky

Image from Pinterest