Please, don’t be shy and browse around the site. Jar of Poetry was meant to be shared!
If it wasn’t, then it would still be locked up in a notebook away from the world.

Poetry is meant to be personal. Let’s take it a step further and get to know the stories, thoughts, and imaginations behind the writer and their written work.

This is a “Journal Style” blog, mixed with poetry and personal views. Using the ABA style of poetry, Jar of Poetry starts out with the featured poem, followed by a personal narrative, and then ends with another poem.  Each post will contain both the Audio and Written formats.

*NOTE: The viewpoints in these entries are based on opinion only. The writer tries to view each segment in a universal manner. Credit for the poem(s) and background music/effects will be given to the individual(s) for their work.

Read or follow along to have an idea as to what makes this portion of literature so interesting. Or immerse yourself with the poetry. Both written and audio versions have a uniqueness to them.

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