Keeping my distance

I know I should keep my distance
but how can I?
I can’t read your thoughts
and my stomach’s in knots
when I fight to know what’s inside.

Maybe I can say,
“I like you…”
God, I really like you.
“It’s true…”
No matter what you do.

Why am I so afraid?
Is it love?
It can’t be love.
I’m not that lucky enough
to consider it love.
Perhaps…it is.

I know I should keep my distance
but how can I?
The silence is so loud it’s like a dream
with you, right there in front of me.
How can I cross that boundary and ask,
“Can you be mine?”


binaries and algorithms,
it’s where I keep hidden
a part of my heart and mind,
blocked behind
firewalls and encryption keys.

In this
digital abyss,
I can code
my feelings
to what I want them to be.
In truth,
I’ve gotten lost at being free.

I programmed my penance
to admire romance—
instead of risking another chance.
I allow myself to be happy here—
virtual tears are easier to dry.
I can be around anyone—
while constantly being alone.

The person I know I am
and the person I programmed
are two separate source codes.
An [ERROR] occurred in
who I think I am
and what I can be
a glitch in my augmented reality.