When I Write

Image from GIPHY
Audio background is by: https://freesound.org/people/FoolBoyMedia/sounds/333800/
The only modification was adding a voice over their recording. The individual responsible for the audio background is neither affiliated nor endorses those who use their work.

When I write, I’m free—

free to be and do anything.

I can lie or tell the truth

adding a dash of charisma too.

Line by line,

I debate the scheme to rhyme.


I’m free.

I abuse the structure of free verse

and consider it a curse.

Using adverbs clumsily,

elegantly, and undeservingly.


I’m free.

I admire my contemporaries

those crystallized rarities.

Keen eyes and grammatical structure,

sharpen my habits of conjecture.


I’m free.

All I want is to be free—

free to write and experience what I can’t be.

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