Not a Romantic

Leaving little Post-Its’ like
I Love You” and “Smile for me
just didn’t do it.
Perhaps your mind was elsewhere,
I guess I’m not a romantic.

With the little change I had,
I’d buy flowers or a stuffed animal.
I loved watching how you reacted!
Now they just wither away or gather dust.
I guess I’m not a romantic.

Planning a special dinner or a night in,
you never noticed the effort and love put in it.
I wish I had the nerve to not stay silent.
Caring for you was all that mattered.
I guess I’m not a romantic.

It’s been 6 years, 2 months, and 18 days
since we went our own way.
It’s funny, I still remember our argument.
You never put in any effort!”
Sadly, you never saw I was your romantic.

A Table with Friends

Friends are like food
that I can’t keep myself away from.
When I’m the mood for
knowledge, advice, or a laugh,
I reach out to one or all of them.

First are the Sweet Ones.
Innocent as icing
and adorable in their own way.
Some may be too sweet,
so I’ll treat myself perhaps once a week.

Then there are the Healthy Ones,
organic in flavor
and raw to the core.
Honest and trustworthy,
I can’t be greedy and ask for more.

There are a few which are considered Bland
and can’t be by themselves.
One can’t be without
the other.
I appreciate their bond when we’re all together.

The Spicy Ones can
lure you in with their enticement.
They can wear danger
and make it look seductive.
Trust me, it can make for great times…if you don’t regret it.

But I have to question,
“Which one am I?”
Am I Sweet?
Healthy? Bland or Spicy?
I like to think I’m the drink when others get thirsty.

Just Not Ready

I take pen to paper and say the words I didn’t.
Even while editing my mistakes, I can’t show any commitment.
Instead, I stare at what I have—
like watching grains fall from an hourglass.

I’m not ready,
I’m just not ready—
ready for another love story.

Outline after outline,
I am not yet satisfied with it being just “All right.
Like a writer’s block I can’t dispel,
the words are there! But I can’t tell…

I’m not ready
I’m just not ready—
ready for another love story.

Flawed are the characters with little subplots.
Focusing on mine, I never gave yours any thought.
We were supposed to fill these pages
but somewhere, my character never adapted to the situations. 

I’m not ready
I’m just not ready—
ready for another love story.

Writing with no muse, I guess I’ll just call it a day
rehearsing the words I never did say,
May the moon and stars watch over you.
Find the love you deserve. It’s what your character would do.

I’m not ready.
I’m just not ready—
ready for another love story.