Month: November 2019

Beautiful by Accident

Who would’ve guessed
that all the times you’ve broken
you thought you were at your best.
Like stained glass
the pieces look better now
then they did before




Unfolded purple chrysalis,
spotted are the lilacs
with morning droplets.

Accenting my garden
where the sun, birds, and moon hearken
to a mortal’s burden in silence

Thank you

A very “Good Morning” from my side of the world! I hope that everyone is doing great and preparing for the cold that is fast approaching.

There’s a reason as to why there is no audio for the poems. I wanted to do something a little special for you, since it is the month of being thankful.

Thank you to everyone who have Followed and Liked the poetry. But a very special “Thank you” goes to those who comment and sent personal messages. It means more than you can fathom. To let you know, other than my son and my cats, you’re the reason I smile when I write. 

I’m still finishing the dialogue/poem that I’d love to use to entertain you as a sincere Thanks. It may not be for some, but Dark Fantasy fans…I hope I don’t let you down! I won’t say anymore than that.

Again, from a special portion of my heart and soul, Thank you for being a part of my life.



Flowers in the Rain

How can flowers make
crying so beautiful?
They don’t know sadness
and can’t utter a word.
Even as the rain falls,
they stand so tall—
a beauty to be admired.