Month: December 2019

Remember Me?


You remember me?
Probably just a mistake in identity.
There’s no book to help cross-reference reality…
Just breathe… One… Two… Three…
I know I am someone to somebody but I’m nobody I can remember.

Was I a kind and caring person?
Did I ignite their pain with misconception?
Why can’t we make the distinction?
I didn’t mean for this to happen…
I wish I can tell you but I don’t remember

This is a finished and unfinished project, depending on you see it.

Can’t Let Go


Recurring nightmares of loving you

still make me sweat.

I can’t take back honest words—

words I don’t regret



I’m honestly happy

you’re better off without me.

I don’t ever want you to

feel like this.

Lost without a kiss…

Feeling inadequate or passionless…

That part of me

is bearable and unfortunate.


Swollen from crying—

tears I don’t want you to see.

Just do me a favor…

pretend you’re smiling for me.

So I can pretend

that I can live like you do—

blissfully happy without me.

Nothing More Beautiful

A whisper can silence all my chaos.

Your melody can reach that voided spot

and comfort my heart.

It’s not just me but it’s who you are.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you.


With a blush of dawn,

you push me to keep going on.

A smile worth smiling back,

I can take your hand and try again.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you.


How does one payback a lost angel?

With a pocket full of sin, a man can still be grateful.

Mesmerized by all you do

and what you have seen me go through,

I want you to know that

there’s nothing more beautiful than you.

A warm December

Silent as December snow,

her shadowy landscape

rests at my side.

Chaotic fingers ease themselves,

not to keep her from her dreams.

Watching her nap in sunlight

makes for a warm December.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ms. Momo. She crowned herself as my writing cat. Normally, she prefers sleeping in the closet but when I write by the window, she likes to keep me company. When I’m stuck on an idea, we brainstorm together while looking out for snow…our favorite past time.

She is also one of three Beings I answer to… (she just woke up and saw I was writing about her)