My First Audio Recordings

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With it being the last Sunday of January, I can’t think of a better excuse than to do a Personal Entry! Not only am I going to share some of my first recordings but I also have something I’d like to share with you at the end of this entry. 

Good day ladies and gents! I’m John-Anthony and this is Jar of Poetry. I would like to apologize about not posting anything up last week—I was really totally oblivious as to what day it was… Anyway, this will be the final post for ‘John’s Journal’ before I remove this page and the ‘Audiobook Portfolio’. Hopefully by February 2nd, 2020. Stick with me until the end to know more about it or you can scroll down and beat me to it.

If you are listening to this right now, you don’t have to play the audio files. I went ahead and added them to this one.

Now, without further ado, please allow me the pleasure of completely embarrassing myself for your entertainment, and mine, as I take you back to my first recordings!

The audio is what I call, “Warbly“. It sort of sounds like I’m in a fish tank. You will also hear a lot *clicks and *breaths, these are the things I edit out.

Trying to tell a story

AWWW! I was trying so hard to sound convincing! You can hear that I screwed up…something I always do. At the time when I was listening to this—it dawned on me, “Maybe I should’ve read the damn thing first…haha, oops.”

Reading a holiday commercial script

This was a ‘Dry Read’ of a holiday commercial I found. Again, didn’t read it beforehand. I was also messing around with the audio settings. That’s why it kind of sounds low and grumbly.

Yup… I can still screw things up. It’s my superpower!

My favorite of the bunch! This ALWAYS happens whenever I do a project. If you don’t know, my face is so serious when I read. That’s why it’s so funny to hear my goof up! Can you say this sentence out loud?

Over time, the cumulative effects that are…

For some reason, I still have trouble saying ‘Cumulative’! As you can tell, I swear a lot too. It’s all fun and games…until I have to edit the damn file. Meh.

So, there you have it! My first few recordings and my constant screw-ups when I record. I wonder what the authors would think if they heard this…”Wow, I trust this guy with narrating my book?!” Haha! Sorry, kidding.

Since I have you here, I will be taking down ‘John’s Journal‘ and the ‘Audiobook Portfolio’ from this site. I’m also going to be editing some pages while I’m at it.

No, I’m not taking down Jar of Poetry—you crazy?!

I would like to just focus on the poetry side and move the other stuff to a different place. I think it makes sense. I mean, what do you think?

And with that said, thank you so much for hanging out with me today! I went ahead and reopened the comments section. I’m going to take this down anyway but I’ll move the audio to the ‘Behind the Scenes’ page. I really hope you had as much fun as I did! Sort of embarrassing but it’s what I do when I’m not posting poetry or commenting on your posts. So, if you like this, consider Following or stopping by from time to time. I’m John-Anthony and this is our Jar of Poetry. Take care, have a great week, and I’ll see you next Sunday!

Man, I hate love


Why can’t I think straight?!
I really hope you’re not playing games.
Damn! My heart’s starting to race
God, you pack a punch.

Your evil grin
is like a deadly sin
that I lust for over and over again.
Man, I hate love.

There’s no doubt
you’re all I think about.
Why am I freaking out?!
Is it too much?

I’m such a wreck.
Why are you so cute when you forget?
Or running off with me when you’re with your friends?
Man, I hate love.

To think
this isn’t a dream.
What the hell did you to me?!
Am I making this up?

I admit, you’re the best.
You’re the only one who can steal my heart with a kiss.
Love? Is this what this is?
I don’t know much about it
I think I kind of like it.
Man, I think I’m in love.

This song helped inspire this piece! I prefer the faster version but this still does the trick. If you’re unable to play it, the song is called “Not another song about love” by Hollywood Ending. Enjoy!

Don’t watch me Cry

When I manage to say
the right words that touch your soul.

When you tell me
I mean more to you than the world.

When we’re together,
foreshadowing forever.

When you tell me,
I love you”, knowing you’re angry.

When we fight all night—
too fixated on who’s right.

When you pack everything
including my dreams.

When you moved on in life—
don’t watch me cry.