Creatively altering my Resume

If I haven’t told you yet, “Happy New Year!”

I hope that you’re doing well and that you’re off to a great start with your resolutions! I’m awful at keeping these…

To recap from the last post, I revealed some secrets behind Jar of Poetry. Here’s the last entry.

Having just dipped my toes into the world of Voice Over, I thought it would be cool to share the experience and what I learn along the way as I step further into this line of work. Today’s entry is how I started looking into VO with little to no experience.

Before I get started, I’d like to send my ‘Well-wishes’ and ‘Positive Vibes’ to those job hunting and those going in for their interviews.

Johnny Boy is rooting for you!

It has officially been a year ago since I questioned what I was going to do with my then 33-year-old self. I spent most of New Year’s Day (2019) preparing for work the next day.

  • Trying to predict how busy we were going to be after the holiday
  • Who’s route I was going to cover because of ‘Call-offs’
  • How sore my body was going to be after moving thirty 50 lb bags of rice
  • What the traffic and weather conditions were and
  • Doing it all over again when my shift ended

The hardest part was staying positive for my son after a day of dealing with difficult customers and muscle aches. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I can complain about it, there were some fun and challenging times. Plus, it was a steady paycheck and a set routine…However, this bothered me—more than you know.

I see the world as a ‘Creative’ but when I looked in the mirror, all that stared back was a person lining himself up for regret. The reality of “Normality” didn’t sit well.

There are two things that help distract me from this:

  1. Looking up articles to read on Google and
  2. Snacking

Since I didn’t want to get off my hammock chair, I went with reading. I typed in, “Creative Careers.” After sifting through some of the options, curiosity led me to look more into Voice Over. Not only were you able to work from home but there were so many options to choose from! I always thought it was just voicing a cartoon character or doing commercials. NOPE! There’s also audiobook narration, E-learning modules, and voicing for phone prompts! I was staring at my dream job! But there was a catch, I didn’t have experience. At least, that’s what I thought.

As creatives, we are pretty resourceful people—using what we have to make something work.

Taking this into consideration, there is one thing we can turn to for this—our resumes. A simple document that holds a list of all our qualifications and achievements we’ve acquired from years in the work force for potential employers to review.

Have you ever read your resume as your own employer?

If you have or have not, is there a noticeable theme behind each job position you’ve had?

Since you’re the employer reading your own resume, what if you added your hobbies into it? Better yet, what if some of the things you’re good at come from what you do in your spare time? To make this clear, here are some examples. Again, I’m an example kind of guy

  • Your skills at organization and management may come from being a squad leader in an online game. My former supervisor is totally guilty of this!
  • The ability to handle yourself in stressful situations has come from waiting in lines to purchase concert tickets at the door
  • Or perhaps you have a knack for winning over clients at luncheons due to your skills at socializing from meals with family and friends

Crazy when you think about it this way, huh?!

After looking over my resume, I noticed a theme.

Each job had me interacting with people on a Sales level and in an educational/instructional way. I was also comfortable behind a microphone when I used to read at church as a kid and giving lectures when I was in the military and the medical/dental fields.

What I had, as a creative, was enough to work with. Since I had experience in these situations, I felt that the ‘Self Development’ or ‘Self Help’ genre was a good place to start. That’s when I had my heart set on becoming an Audiobook Narrator. From then on, I spent the next four months researching all I can about being a Voice Over—the dream job I had to have!

I’ll stop it here for now. I’d rather not go into how many hours were spent on weekends with my nose in articles and YouTube videos. To save you the trouble, the next entry will be about building pillow forts and how talking to yourself works out in the end.

To end this entry, I would like to share something my dad told me when I was back home. By the way, I still haven’t told him about my new job yet…oops.

 “Boy, if you can see that the opportunity is there, then chance it! It’s better to live knowing you tried than waiting and regretting for another chance to come around.”