Month: March 2020

Your face is showing

Fear glazes the eyes atop masks
Out-stretched hands, morally bitten
hoarding essentials—
some to profit
while others for security
Public services mocked
while trying to keep their composure
Bound to their castles,
what awaits one
can not be seen—
Isolated roads
are no longer a metaphor
What was a friendly smile
now a grin of greed
Words of encouragement
from people who preached saying,
“Things will be all right”,
no longer have meaning
in this day and time

Excuse me,
but your face is showing.



Something about the rain

There’s something about the sound of the falling rain.

The worries of the world slowly wash away.

Trickle and drop,

it doesn’t seem to stop.

Tapping to the tune of another closed in day.

Just a reminder

First, I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well…given the global situation.

Normally, I like to keep to myself and go about my “hermit” day. With as hectic as things are, it can take a toll on a person.

If you or someone you know needs to vent or voice their concerns, then please reach out. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to brighten one’s day.

It’s worth reminding that I’m also here too. Whether by email or even a Video Call, it’s definitely worth taking a moment to know that someone is there for you.

All the best,


A poet’s garden

words are the flowers
potted, making poetry
a poet’s garden

This is how I see poetry, both mine and others. Poetry blogs look like this to me.