Thank you for contributing to poetry! And Congrats on Round 4!!!

My Bubble

Here comes the end of this wonderful ride, the end of NaPoWriMo 2020 poetry contest hosted by dear John of Jar of Poetry. Thanks and a big round of applause for him for making this month special.

This week’s prompt was “Your Last Poem“. Here’s my entry for the same.

As all my leaves wither away

and the life within betrays

I think of all the times

when your light couldn’t shine

My canopy was too thick

dense and heavy like a brick

As all my branches begin to fall

and I cannot stand, no longer tall

I think of every instance

when I couldn’t be your shady expanse

My patience ran a little too thin

with a lack of peace within

As all my roots run dry

and the eyes can’t afford to cry

I think of all the moments

when even a fruit I couldn’t…

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Death Note

Thank you for contributing to poetry! And Congrats on Round 4!!!!


And here ends my ink

as with death I link

Like a shipwreck at the sea bottom

you will find as you fathom

many of my scattered words

some unsaid, some unheard

If they make you any sense

look there for the empty pen

Conjure your thoughts

and write with will

cause here ended my ink, but

 of course, you can always refill

Inspired by John A. Reyes (Jar of Poetry) this week’s theme for NaPoWriMo- to write as if its the last poem of your life. Go and check it out, the contest ends this Saturday. It is so much fun and you might even end up with a bounty😉.

There is only one thing that came to my mind when I thought about what my last poem would say and it was- to urge people to write. Because that’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Something…

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I will love you till the end of time

Thank you for contributing to poetry and JOP’s Poetry Event! And Congrats!!!!


Oh my love

If I could write

the last poem to you

that I’d ever write

I’d tell you this

right here and now

you entered my heart

like a giant ker-pow.


Each time I write,

I think it will be my last pass

that’s why this poem

has me in a cosmic blast.

How to explain

what you’ve done to my brain?

You’ve unravelled it all

then re-beautified it again.


I can’t imagine

ever writing another poem

because each poem I write

is released like I can’t hold ’em.

I empty my soul from the inside out

but the crazy thing is,

Love keeps refilling it

like some godly spout.


I wish this poem could be

ever so much more serious;

since the topic demands it

—but I’m truly



Drunk on Love’s wine

I’ll never have a last poem

I’ll die writing

in my…

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Thank you so much for contributing to poetry and to JOP’s Poetry Event!

Words Monsters Me

One day soon I will know
why I came
why I kept breathing
why I stayed.
Your existence
will hold me
in the light.
I will pray
as we are intertwined.
You will whisper
to my soft until
the bright passageway delivers us
to an even greater destination.
I must move away from here
to that place towards you.
I must seek you knowing
I will find you.
My goblet is empty.
I drank the pleasure
in a hurry when I was young.
If I had known you then,
would things be different than
the way they were
the way they are
the way they will be
when I meet you?
I will not run away.
I will not play hard to get.
I will be sure in that moment,
when our symbiotic energy begins to coalesce.
You will know me, know everything.
Nothing will make you look away.

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