Death Note

Thank you for contributing to poetry! And Congrats on Round 4!!!!


And here ends my ink

as with death I link

Like a shipwreck at the sea bottom

you will find as you fathom

many of my scattered words

some unsaid, some unheard

If they make you any sense

look there for the empty pen

Conjure your thoughts

and write with will

cause here ended my ink, but

 of course, you can always refill

Inspired by John A. Reyes (Jar of Poetry) this week’s theme for NaPoWriMo- to write as if its the last poem of your life. Go and check it out, the contest ends this Saturday. It is so much fun and you might even end up with a bounty😉.

There is only one thing that came to my mind when I thought about what my last poem would say and it was- to urge people to write. Because that’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Something…

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