I will love you till the end of time

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Oh my love

If I could write

the last poem to you

that I’d ever write

I’d tell you this

right here and now

you entered my heart

like a giant ker-pow.


Each time I write,

I think it will be my last pass

that’s why this poem

has me in a cosmic blast.

How to explain

what you’ve done to my brain?

You’ve unravelled it all

then re-beautified it again.


I can’t imagine

ever writing another poem

because each poem I write

is released like I can’t hold ’em.

I empty my soul from the inside out

but the crazy thing is,

Love keeps refilling it

like some godly spout.


I wish this poem could be

ever so much more serious;

since the topic demands it

—but I’m truly



Drunk on Love’s wine

I’ll never have a last poem

I’ll die writing

in my…

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