Letter #3

To those eyes on Saturday,

Have you ever worn a pair of comfy socks that just makes your day 🤨? The pair I’m wearing right now are my Pokémon ones that Kai got me—they are soooo comfortable 😆! Hopefully, you have a favorite pair for these “lounge around” days and are doing well 😊.

While writing this, there’s a slight downpour outside. Whenever it rains and I feel like writing from my laptop, I love having classical music playing—today I decided to go with Mozart instead of Chopin. It’s just that kind of day—and yes, I LOVE Classical music 🧐.

Is there a favorite music genre that you prefer to have on for rainy days? Do you listen to instrumental or is there a band you don’t find too distracting?

I find it difficult to concentrate when my music has someone singing in it. If you can handle that and write at the same time, then bravo 👏👏👏! Another trait I have to admire about you 😊😁.

Since it’s such a chill day and I’m wearing my AWESOME socks, I feel comfortable telling you what’s been on my mind lately—consider this a ‘coffee-convo’, if you will.

First, I wanted to bring up my behavior on WordPress. I feel it’s necessary to start with this because it’s been eating at me for a while—kudos if you’ve noticed it 😉! I’ve been restraining myself from commenting on posts and I’ve also been keeping my responses short on Sundays. If this offended you in any way, I am so sorry.

It has nothing to do with you and, amazingly enough, has nothing to do with May being a frustrating month for me. What has me acting so distant is the surge of misunderstandings and unsolicited advances that I’ve noticed some blog writers have been experiencing. This had me feeling conscientious about being a single father who writes about love in all its forms. One of my fears, when I do write about this topic, is that someone will mistake it as a response to a writer’s post or hidden feelings towards them. That’s not my intention. I find it fun to write about love, especially when it comes to a new romance. Remember how I don’t like being vulnerable? I put myself in a fictional position and write from there.

It’s also why I’m apprehensive about using or returning a kiss emoji too. I don’t want it to be a mistaken gesture on my end. However, I’ve grown to adore them from specific readers and I giggle like a schoolboy when I see one—good thing they can’t see me blushing 🤭.

As a writer and reader who plays with emotions, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and make judgments hastily. I’m a “tell it to me straight” kind of guy, both online and real world. If you ever feel like a post may be targeting you or you find it offensive in any way, send me an email through the Contact Page and we can talk about it. What got me this far, as a person I hope my son can look up to, is being upfront when I’m asked a question, regardless of what it is—if you have the courage and curiosity to ask, then I’ll respect you with an honest answer. I don’t play games with excuses or lie to cover my ass. It’s easier to tell the truth rather than back track and try to remember which lie I said—that and it doesn’t take that much energy on my part, so it’s a ‘Win, Win’.

So, with all that said, I hope that clears things up and answers why I’ve been so quiet. As for commenting or responding to either my posts or yours, all I ask is for you to keep being amazing and to keep sharing your thoughts without any hesitation. The most important thing is that I’ll treat you with the same respect you have shown me.

         *Whew Man, I feel so much better now that I let that out 😌.

Another thing I wanted to bring up was I am going to be breaking one my promises I made when I started Jar of Poetry.

In August 2019—the official start date but my archive got all screwed up when I was updating the site back in October—one of my promises was to blog for just a year. Once that year was up, I was going to deactivate the site and go on a different creative adventure.

These past couple of months and the writers I’ve met influenced my decision to keep going—so, there’s no need to worry about me leaving any time soon 😉🙃😂🤣.

If you’re wondering about the other promises I made, here they are:

  • Not to make money off my work (I’m used to the eye-rolls already 🤣)

  • To never assume a writer is writing About or To “Me

  • To treat everyone with Respect

  • Always make time to respond back to those who comment/email me

  • Connect and support other poetry writers

Now, I don’t know if you feel the same as I do but I get so excited when a poet I know has a book out! Recently, I purchased The Poets Symphony and added it to go alongside Isle of Skye Timeless Shores in my Kindle Library. Even though I work with authors to help narrate and produce their audiobooks, there’s something more special about supporting a poet’s endeavor, knowing I’ve met them through poetry—it can go without saying but I fanboy 😅🤓. It’s one of the joys I cherish about blogging 😁😊.

And finally, why I only post cutesy/light-hearted poetry—notice the word, “post” 😅😂🤣.

I do it because that’s what I would like to be remembered for.

However, as a writer and a person, I do read and dabble in other genres—definitely NOT suitable for JOP 😬. It’s also where I found that readers leave inappropriate comments to the writer and God only knows how many personal emails were sent to them. That’s what brought about my behavior, which I explained earlier.

We all have different sides to our personalities. I’m sure you would agree with me. Depending on how we handle or utilize them can be evident in our writing. If I’m not mistaken, it goes something like this:

           “Even a good person has a bad image to maintain.”

What do you do when you have pent-up frustration and feel like writing is the only way to express it? Do you post it or do you hide it away?

I find that when I’m having a “day”, it’s best to just write out those emotions in a notebook and keep them away from my computer. I would be so embarrassed if that shit got out 😅😂! I don’t know if I could handle explaining myself if I posted it by accident. I was thinking of starting a different blog and go by an alias but I know that I’ll get my documents mixed up, one way or another—that’s why they’re locked up in a spiral notebook right now.

Since you and I despise cliff-hangers, allow me—and please forgive me—to share “one of those days.”

Secret Entry #1
I trace your initials
you engraved on me with your tongue
when I think of how happy you are without me.

Secret Entry #2
When I write without thinking,
it reminds me of searching for a contraceptive—
I’m always too impatient to start without a Plan B

Secret Entry #3
I wonder what your lips will tell mine.
Will they barely touch,
whispering for a taste?
How will they take control of me
without a word?
I bite my lip to control my  anticipation.
What does “Forever” taste like?

I keep stuff like this to myself. To me, I don’t think they’re that bad but I also have to keep in mind someone’s ethics regardless of gender, race, and religion—the shit we as writers struggle with, right?! And we can’t forget about the misunderstandings, correct?! 😂🤣

Well, I better get back to work on those poems for Sunday. Truly, I am so glad to have shared what’s been bothering me and my….secret entries 😅🤫. It means a lot writing to you—more than you know.

Please take care.


P.S.  I know that I don’t expect you to write back, which is why I closed the Comments Section. But given what you’ve read, there may be some questions or concerns you’d like to address. So, here’s my email address: jarofpoetry@gmail.com if you would like to share your concerns with me.