Chocolate Lava Cake

The seeping sugary magma flow
escapes the slice of this chocolate volcano.
It’s soft grittiness, flushed to my cheek,
burns my palate for another taste.
Snow-capped cream
adds to the fire
of yet, another guilt-free bite.

*Image from


        1. I completed my assignment. You can read it on my blog post. The five words I wrote when I created the poem were dissolved, disillusioned, distraught, discreet and…Nutcracker Syndrome??? I don’t know if what I wrote will help you, but it was an eye-opener for me;-)

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        1. There’s a poem in The Poets Symphony, “Music Box” that peaked my curiosity πŸ€”.

          I’d be interested in knowing the backstory of that one. I’ve been trying to create one using the same item. Yours is absolutely beautiful…pardon the straight-forwardness

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