Bedroom Battle Scars

I’m not a knight
that most women dream of having
or what some people
aren’t used to seeing.
Doffing my armor,
let me “show and tell” you
about my bedroom battle scars.

At first glance,
you’ll notice the singes
from hand-prints that once
scorched my chest.

Along my abdomen,
passed the many wax burns,
are two sets of initials—
permanently etched 
and burdened to carry.

Looking at my wrists,
you’ll see healed bruise marks—
having been rubbed raw from
being hand-cuffed or tied down. 

Born with a
bullseye beauty mark
on my bottom lip,
it’s an obvious target 
that’s been gnawed
and preyed upon.

While you’re there,
take a look at my neck.
It gives me chills
thinking about
all the bite marks
that once excited me.

Turning around,
you’ll see angel wings
scratched across my shoulder blades.
It’s not as prominent
on the small of my back
or behind my thighs
but there were a few.

Each scar has its story 
and they’re not fairy tales.
I’m a knight forever bound to her fire.
The hotter, tougher,
rougher, and wilder—
the better my skills 
will remain a myth to many. 

*Image from Pinterest


  1. It’s really brave truth telling, and I have lived a sheltered life lol. But this is beautiful in that it gives a more clear picture of what you have gone through… this isn’t just a tale of ‘nice gal done me wrong’ or what have you, it’s a tale of your experience with someone who genuinely seemed to have enjoyed inflicting pain. I am not used to thinking of women like that so it’s a good reminder to get me out of my own egocentric shell and be aware of to what many guys are facing (as are many gals, or just people in general). Nothing is black and white, and in this case, it’s certainly a few different shades of grey. ;))

    What I love is that you write from your own perspective in this. Halfway through I though it was fictional and from a female perspective as you sometimes used to write. But by the end it became more clear. :)) I was grateful for that. The image is perfect… and kind of makes it all understandable. We all crave a bit of luciferian darkness… or light. It’s what makes things feel bright. But we still have to protect ourselves, and aim for what’s right (speaking from experience). :)) 💛

    Yes I’m very rambly this morning. I really care about you that’s partly why. :)) Your letter yesterday was amazing and the ‘bubbly’ part said a lot of things I feel about online friendships as well. Hugs dear friend. You’ve been a huge support. You’re doing amazing work. 🙏🔆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😢 Thank you Lia…for getting me “bubbly” again 😅

      As for the this post, I was sort of “if-y” on how it went (sooo many rewrites 🤣)

      My original intention was to ‘more or less’ step away from picking a side of the good and bad parts of love. Blending both was a lot harder than I expected.

      As for the luciferian darkness/light, that side of a person has always intrigued me. It’s what we hide that has me fascinated.

      It’s always a pleasure when you’re “rambly”– it makes for a great conversation ☺. I always look forward to know what’s in that mind of yours 😁.

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      1. This is hugely encouraging and relieving… thank you for this reply. I just finished a ramble of my own (for my own blog) and and hovering over the publish button lol. So I know how it is. Usually for me the more I try to make it understandable or better the more I’m unhappy with it afterwards. It’s true about the hidden things that are the mystery and the key, and each of us is completely unique in our experience, and the more we learn about the truth of one another the more we can all understand each other and love and respect one another, and the better the world will be. Ideally. Thanks so much for this, and I hope you have gotten some sleep. ;)) 😉 #timedifferences :))

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