1. Wow what a cool pondering. I happened to have just read some of your ;)) work… and fresh off the reading zone, I think that at first it’s a guessing game, and by the end, the writing voice “crystalizes,” but as for sound of voice, as in actual sound, if we have no voice samples of a writer (as we do for you, and a few others) it’s more something that develops over time in the imagination, the more we read someone.

    And perhaps, quite often, it’s completely different from the reality, having been culturocentered perhaps with our own familiar accents and so on (as I’ve discovered from reading a couple of female blog-friends’ work and then later hearing their voices in a recording).

    I love this question so felt moved to ramble on it a bit hehe. Linguistically it tickles me. :)) Nice work. πŸ‘ŒπŸŒ»

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    1. It does tickle the mind! A bad habit of mine when I talk to people is asking where they’re from if I hear an accent. 9/10 times, they are more than happy to tell me–plus, it gives me the chance to just hear something unique to me 😁

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      1. I’m just the same. In Canada though, as in the US I think, it’s considered completely ok. And a nice way to connect. 😊 In the UK of course it’s completely different. The accent is related to class systems so nearly taboo to talk about, it seems.

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