Destined for adversity,
her crimson wings
burn wildly as she takes flight.
She takes to the sky
in her coal-colored dress—
turning flaws to ash,
freeing herself from the tears
that try to extinguish her.

Most have tried to
tame her flame,
only adding to its inferno.
And like a butterfly,
she’s admired
when she passes by—
scorching hearts and minds,
advocating change in our lives.

Image from Pinterest


  1. I love this poem love this poem love this poem way way way too much.

    I love this poem. (Just to be sure I’m not misunderstood. 😂 ;)) The imagery is 👌👌 and all your beautiful ways of looking at people shines through. We can all strive to be this burning butterfly.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. All I meant was that I didn’t think your poem was funny so I was trying to put together the pieces of this comment. Also I’m getting a bit slow at figuring things out. 😂 Poetry overdose lol. (Yet still I want more, so many good poets on WP. :)) But this poem was truly lovely. By the way how do you “favourite” things? (you’ve mentioned doing this before.) I don’t see that feature on WP. xoxo

          Liked by 1 person

        2. You know nothing offends me Lia ☺.

          To add to your Favorites, go to your Reader Feed and look for the little Bookmark Ribbon. When you press that, there will be a slot in your Feed where it says Favorites. 😁

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        3. I’m looking at the desktop version and I don’t see anything…I guess it’s only for mobile.

          But! There is a spot that reads, “My Likes.” That’s where everything is kept that you Liked 😉😁

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