About Jar of Poetry

Poetry is a very personal and vulnerable piece of literature.

So, instead of confining it, the purpose of this site is to free these poems and have them reach those who need their words, help inspire other poetry enthusiasts, or to connect on a personal level. Some poems will be accompanied by an audio version for a more immersive element.

Feel free to browse around! In this case, let curiosity get the best of you. You’re just a click away!

This site welcomes everyone from all walks of life! With that said, there are a few things I would like to make clear.

  1. Do not solicit your own work in the commentsIt will be removed.  It may seem weird but I’m not planning on profiting from those who share the same passion I have for poetry. My intention is to “NERD OUT” on philosophy or a common theme we can all relate to. 
  2. Treat everyone with RESPECT. Criticism is inevitable. However, I can take it with a huge smile on my face. If you decide to try and stir up something with those who comment on this blog, not only will you piss me off,  you will be dealt with by WP Administrators. I am very protective of those around me, this is a safe haven for kind and eccentric people. Take your crap to your own site, not here.
  3. Not all posts will satisfy everyone. We have our preferences when it comes to what we want to read. If, by chance, something catches your eye, don’t be shy to leave a comment (just keep in mind #2).

If you can do these things, you’re okay in my book. Again, welcome to Jar of Poetry and don’t be a stranger or stop by from time to time!

Jar of Poetry
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