The Jar of Poetry

Poetry is a very personal, vulnerable, and expressive piece of literature.

The purpose of Jar of Poetry (JOP) is to free my poems and let them reach those they can connect with. Some posts will be accompanied by an audio version—by the guy behind the jar.

This site welcomes everyone from all walks of life—regardless of where you’re from, what you believe in, or what you associate yourself as. With that said, there are a few things I would like to mention.

  1. Treat everyone with RESPECT- Any harmful, derogatory, or racially-slurred comment(s) will be removed by the owner of this site and the person(s) involved will be reported to the WP Administrators.
  2. Not all posts will satisfy everyone– If there’s a post you don’t like, then don’t like it—you won’t hurt my feelings. I sincerely mean this as a person who loves experimenting with different ideas.
  3. Copyright– As a member of the WordPress Poetry Community, I try my best to be on the lookout for any Copyright Infringements—for myself and for the writers I follow. 

The Cover Photo for Jar of Poetry and the music bed(s) used in the audio were either purchased or are credited at the end of each post, under the agreement use of the Creative Commons License.

Any collaboration with other writers and Re-Blogs on this site were given permission prior to posting their work on this site. 

If there are any questions, you can always send an email through the Contact Page.

Again, welcome to Jar of Poetry. Feel free to browse around and check out some of the writers JOP Follows!

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