Letter #4

For your eyes on Saturday,

May this and future letters addressed to you, always find you in good-spirits and doing well 😊💝.

Before I begin rambling, thank you for letting me confide in you in the last letter. Since then, I’ve been able to open up a little more and leave comments for the writers I adore and admire without feeling paranoid. If there’s any way I can pay back your kindness besides saying “Thank You”, then I’m all for it—myNo, Nopoetry is still off-limits though 😆. I call it my “No, No” for a reason—but that may change…perhaps in June 😂🤣.

The weather has been warm and its sunny disposition has Kai outside enjoying the weather—for the both of us. Rayne, Momo, and I take turns checking on him and his friends from the safety of our shared window. I don’t mind the heat, considering I grew up on an island with only two seasons (Summer and Monsoon), but I’m not a fan of it. I prefer autumn weather and I also look forward to the winter months—strange, huh?!

Things have been quiet on the work front lately. Auditions for voice acting projects are still pending and the 10-book deal I agreed to is currently being worked on (we’re going on Book 5).

I should update my demos and be a little more aggressive but I’ve been drawn to writing lately. I was thinking of writing another poetry book but I’m still working out a theme. I’ll keep you updated on the details when I cross that bridge 🙃😉.

Despite all these thoughts and possibilities, I’ve been enjoying getting my ‘domestication’ on! My guilty pleasures always involve laundry, cooking, and cleaning—seriously, I really love it 😊.

Folding laundry is my favorite out of all of them, it’s so meditative and clean 😁.

Cooking wise, I like to experiment as much as I do with writing. Out of all my trial recipes, the one Kai likes is my “honey-sriracha” glaze/sauce for his chicken strips—heavier on the sweet side for him though 🙄. The only recipe that I’m having trouble with is a tequila-mango salsa. I’m not a fan of tequila but a friend from the Coast Guard introduced it to me and I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since—with no luck, 12 years later.

Even though I “experiment” with recipes, I can cook. I don’t have a favorite dish that I’d consider as my “Go-To”. It just depends on the company I’m cooking for. So, it can range from something like a red wine glazed steak or eccentrically original like fruit sushi—welcome to my culinary mind 😁😆🤣. The only thing I CAN’T do is bake. Let’s just not go there 😒.

Cleaning…is just cleaning, I guess.

I just realized that I didn’t prepare my “Personal Audio Entry” for the month 😨😱. I’ve been caught up writing and lounging around that I didn’t pay attention to the date! Well…crap. 😅 At least I finished my poems for Sunday—that’s a plus, right?! 

Ha! Jokes on me 😆. I guess my “No, No” poetry will be posting then 😅. I think I’ll call it my “Personal Collection” that I’ll add on Saturdays too.

Well, all I can say about the month is I’m happy I made better memories this time around. The writers I follow have posted some great entries that cheered me up and of course the wonderful comments on Sunday 😊. 

Since I won’t be getting around to doing my “Personal Audio Entry”, the only real news is I’ll be updating my About The Writer PageI need to change my “grumpy pic” anyway 😂🤣. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out when you have time before I take it down and replace it with something new—I really need to take more pictures 🤔😬.

What about you? Anything new that you’re trying? I’m always looking for something to do. So, if there are any recommendations or ideas, I’ll give it a go 😁!

I know that this letter is shorter than normal and I apologize for that 😅.

Perhaps I can tell you some embarrassing stories that I haven’t already shared. Who knows? 😉😁 Maybe next week, I’ll dust off my ukulele and guitar and tune them back up and play a jingle or something—don’t expect me to sing though 😆😂🤣.

Take care and may the creative winds guide you on your writing adventures.


Way Back Home

A special thanks to Archangel White Wolf and all those who post music and their lyrics to help brighten someone’s day! If you haven’t, check out their sites and show some love!

Remember when I told you
No matter where I go
I’ll never leave your side
You will never be alone
Even when we go through changes
Even when we’re old
Remember that I told you
I’ll find my way back home

I could never let you go
Couldn’t run away if I tried
Cause even when I’m all alone
You still got a hold on my mind
And I’ll always let you know~
That I’m always gonna hold on,
on, on, on

And I told you right from the start
You just say the word and I’ll go
No, it doesn’t matter how far
Cause your love is all that I know
Baby, you just stay where you are
And you know I won’t be too long~
Hold on
Hold on

Remember when I told you
No matter where I go
I’ll never leave your side
You will never be alone
Even when we go through changes
Even when we’re old
Remember that I told you
I’ll find my way back home

joyonghi jamdeun bangeul yeoreo
gieogeul kkeonae deureo
buseojin shigan wieseo
seonmyeonghi neoneun tteoolla
gil ireun mam soge
neol gadun chae sara~

meomchun shigan sok
jamdeun neoreul chajaga
amuri magado
gyeolguk neoye gyeochin geol
gilgo gin yeohaengeul kkeutnae
ijen doraga
neoraneun jibeuro
jigeum dashi Way back home

sesangeul dwijibeo
chajeuryeo hae
ojik neoro wangyeoldoen
No, I won’t ever lose
As long as you’re there~

bichi da kkeojin yeogi

nareul anajwo

nuneul gameumyeon

sori eopshi millyeowa
i maeum geu wiro
neon tto han gyeob ssahyeoga
Even when we go through changes
Even when we’re old
Remember that I told you
I’ll find my way back home

*Lyrics from smule.com

*SongWay Back Home” by SHAUN ft. Conor Maynard (just in case the link doesn’t work 😉)

Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.

Lao Tzu

When Love is Love

When a man and a man kiss
or I watch two women propose,
I can’t help but be envious and jealous—
When Love is Love

When a father plays “Princess” with his daughter
or a son plays catch with his mother,
I can’t help but sit and admire—
When Love is Love

When a girl adopts a blind dog
or a guy chats with his cat,
I can’t help but understand—
When Love is Love

When a meaningful hug is given at an airport
or a genuine prayer is said at a hospital,
I can’t help but wonder—
When Love is Love

When the most painful apologies come at a funeral
or when forgiveness is long due passed,
I can’t help but ask—
When Love is Love

When you love someone and
you’re afraid of losing them,
It makes you sit and question—
When Love is Love.