Behind the Scenes

The Official Cover of the Site!

The padded room I talk to myself in
Microphone: Zingyou BM 800 XLR
Audio Interface: Behringer U-Phoria UMC22
Scissor arm microphone stand with shock mount
RIG closed back headphones
Extra monitor
A color changing globe for cool effect (Personal preference)

My First Audio Recordings

AWWW! I was trying so hard to sound convincing! You can hear that I screwed up…something I always do. At the time when I was listening to this—it dawned on me, “Maybe I should’ve read the damn thing first…haha, oops.”

This was a ‘Dry Read’ of a holiday commercial I found. Again, didn’t read it beforehand. I was also messing around with the audio settings. That’s why it kind of sounds low and grumbly.

My favorite of the bunch! This ALWAYS happens whenever I do a project. If you don’t know, my face is so serious when I read. That’s why it’s so funny to hear my goof up! Can you say this sentence out loud?

More to come!

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