Forbidden Fruit

within reach,
hangs an immature heart.
It’s sweetness so tempting
and having traveled far for its knowledge.
Loneliness will be a memory now.
Twisting and pulling,
the fruit comes undone at your hand.
Savor the taste of an unrequited love,
not of your garden
but of another.

Saying, "I Love You"

Saying, “I Love You” is very poetic.
These are the words I don’t ever want to forget.

Since birth,
these little words were all I heard.
Passing out candy-shaped hearts in class,
I never felt anything from them. I just did what I was asked.
Wishing on stars and rehearsing each situation,
I can finally build up the courage to make a silly confession.
Saying these words, just to sound romantic,
I’ve used and abused it—forgetting what it really meant.
When I finally met the “One”,
saying them was never enough.
Throughout the years, I used them in many different ways.
Happy, sad, lonely, intimate, angry…whatever the case.
When death comes for me at bed,
I want those three words to be the last things said.

Saying, “I Love You” is very poetic.
These are the words I don’t ever want to forget.

My Biography

Flipping through the pages of my biography,
I noticed there were a few discrepancies.
I never fell in Love
I don’t live with an “Us”…
Since when was I content
with not having enough?

The writer wrote in ink—
staining my memories and violating everything.
Who was the writer?
Did I hire a liar?!
Maybe I should’ve gone with
someone with more desire.

After years of waiting,
I have to start all over from the beginning.
Each year births a new me,
concepts change—constantly.
I guess it’s time to rewrite
my biography.

Here's a Magic Trick

With sleight of hand, you grabbed my attention.
You guessed correctly from every card drawn from my emotions.
I give you my two cents and you turn it into a dollar.
Your eyes burn with passion—like wild fire.
When you dunked, gagged, and handcuffed me,
I came out unscathed, smiling, and happy.

I couldn’t wait for the Grand Finale!
There’s one more trick that I wanted to see.
It’s the one with a box behind your back and performing it on one knee.
You had another act in mind,
the one where you disappeared and left me behind.

It seemed too surreal to be tragic.
The art of illusion was your greatest magic trick.