Liebster Award

A sincere, “Thank You” to Arushi (Unfiltered) for nominating Jar of Poetry 😊. I met her during JOP’s First Poetry Event and I’ve been a fan of her work since then.

Arushi, thank you 😊


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Arushi’s Questions

  1. What is the best thing about you? I’m too chill for my own good 🤗

  1. Which genre you prefer the most? Reading: Dark Fantasy, Writing: Love and Nature

  1. One thing you will never dare to do in life. Piss off a woman. I think I’ve learned my lesson 😅

  1. Last series (TV/web) you watched. The Witcher (Netflix Series)

  1. The constant feeling that you have nowadays. Having to decide whether it’s worth moving from my spot or getting something to eat 🤨🤔

  1. Weirdest thing about you. I had a pet “plant” for 3 years when I was stationed in Chesapeake, Virginia. 

  1. What does writing mean to you. It’s a Love/Hate relationship I can’t live without

  1. One word for your first piece of writing. Really?! 😂🤣

  1. Your favorite place in world. A blanket fort with a book and snacks

  1. Subtitles or dubbed? Both

  1. Your favorite song? Hysteria by Nano

If you need a reason to smile today, then I nominate YOU!

My questions will be the same as Arushi’s (I really liked them 😉)

Break through

She saw right through me.
I couldn’t defend myself from her.
When I slipped up,
showing her my heart,
she walked through my defenses.
She calls my sarcasm
a polished charm.
She thinks my wit
shows a degree of intelligence.
She’s convinced
that we’re two-of-a-kind—
she’s right.

I don’t know
if I can hide from her
Like the sun she is,
I’m the moon not far behind.
How can someone so
innocent, and
make a cynical person
believe in dreams again?
I’ll enjoy the company
and indulge my curiosity.

Take my tears

Let me stand
under a starless sky
for you.
When the stars
are greedily taken,
take my tears instead.

You can whisper your wish
as close to them as you want.
You can reach out
and feel how warm they are.
You can rest,
knowing they’ve been heard.

When I stand
under a starless sky,
I will wish for your wishes.
If the stars
are greedily taken that night,
please take my tears instead.

Image taken from Pinterest

My Solo

Everything I’ve hated about myself
I take to the stage.
What people see as a shimmering star
is uncertainty glistening off me.
They can’t see my hands shaking
the sweat from my palms.
drowned by their anticipation.
All falls silent,
the same it felt while
steadying my hand to write.

I lose myself.

Their heartstrings
strummed at my fingers.
The words,
too embarrassed to share,
speak to them.
By the end of the performance,
their applause
remind me of the sound
my tears make when hitting the floor.
At the end, I still walk away alone.