Letter #2

To your eyes on Saturday,

It’s been a week since I last wrote to you! It’s so crazy how time flies man! Again, I hope this finds you doing well 😊

I know that I was “pretty” personal last time—trust me, it was a little awkward for me too. 😅 But I’m glad that I was able to get some of it off my chest and share it with you. So, “Thank you” 😁

The week was rather…uneventful on my end. The only things worth mentioning are: catching back up on personal projects—both work wise and around the house, reading and writing poetry—though I misinterpreted someone’s work…again, sorry about that 😅, and redesigning my workspace.

How was yours? How’s writing going? If you’re still chomping at the bit, I’m with you there! 😂 I’d like to know what you do to get past the blinking eye of the cursor. Normally, I entertain myself by syncing my blinking to it for minutes on end. 🤣

Now that everything has caught back up, I’ve added another favorite hobby of mine into the mix, drawing. I think I spend as much time drawing as I do writing—when my cats allow it. 😂🤣 The only problem I’m facing now is the urge to get them tattooed on me 🤨🤔.

I prefer to draw my own stuff and have the person, working on me, give their input on the design, shading, and placement of said idea(s).

The last time I was tattooed was back in 2015—so yeah, I’m overdue. 😆

When I doodle, I try to stick to two themes: nautical and pacific tribal art.
There have been cases where an idea seems too funny to pass on, so I add that to the list as well—that’s what explains the “hang-loose” hand on my foot! 😂

As an ode to my time at sea, the left side of my body is reserved for the nautical portion of my life. There’s a compass rose on my chest with the latitude and longitude of where I was born and the word “Love” at the bottom. I have a surf charm in my inner bicep. Another charm, in the shape of a tiki, on the outer part of my arm. And crossed anchors on the top of my left wrist.

The right side will be for my “pacific heritage”—not that common tribal band you see on most people. I have a few designs in mind but I’m constantly making adjustments.

But I’m still unsure as what to do. I mean, what do you think?

I would like to finish my left side first but I’m also tempted to start working on my right. I guess only time will tell. 😄

The design I drew up for the rest of my left side is a sinking ship with 7 bottles floating in the water—each representing the deadly sins I succumbed to before recovering, with a banner floating reading, “Home bound“. I was also thinking of getting, “Shh…” tattooed on the inside of my left pointer finger—I think it’ll be funny to “shush” someone and have them stare at it! 🤫😂🤣

As for my right side, I was going to start with a “quill” along the edge of my right pointer finger stretching up to my wrist—I always thought it was a cool idea, both for my love of writing and air doodling! 🤣🤣🤣

Like I said, I’m still up in the air about it but I’m in no rush to get it done 🙃.

Well, I better get back to work on the poems for Sunday.

Thank you again for reading this. 🥰

I hope that your day is filled with smiles and creativity! 😊

Like last time, I mentioned that you don’t have to write back—writing this and having you read it is enough for me to be happy, honestly.

Take care and smile like you’re up to no good 😜🙃😉.


Please don’t say it…

An empty world
an empty space
when you walked in
all that changed.
I’ve never felt so ashamed
for locking up my love in the first place.

Please don’t say you love me—
you know I already can’t.
Fighting temptation with all my heart
when you look at me like that.
Please don’t let it change
our oh so different paths…
Because if you say you love me,
then I’ll probably not say it back.

With a quick glance
while you walk by,
I show you my smile
and not what I truly hide.
I won’t admit I’m petrified.
But I’ll try to show it to you…next time.

Please don’t say you love me—
you know I already can’t.
I’m tempted with all my heart
when you look at me like that.
Please don’t let it change
this oh so complicated fact…

if you say, “you love me”,
then I know
I’ll say it back.

Quick note: What caught my attention was the boy’s shadow. I tried to write from the girl’s perspective.

(taken from Pinterest: boredpanda.com)

The song: “Please don’t say you love me” by Gabrielle Aplin inspired this poem