A smile and a butterfly

It’s been said,

“A smile is like a butterfly.”

And I think I know why.

On any occasion,
regardless of the situation,
a butterfly can appear.
Not uttering a word,
it travels the world
without fear.

A smile, like a butterfly,
shouldn’t need a reason as to why
it can’t be shared.
No matter the color,
age, race, or gender,
for that brief moment—
someone cared.

As fragile as it may be,

a smile and a butterfly

are gentle reminders to be happy.

One of those days…

Currently experiencing a “Creative Slump“… have been for a while.

Here’s to a new month of rejuvenation and creative flow!

Closing my eyes

When I’ve closed my eyes,
I saw and felt parts of my life.
Times where I’ve cried
having told an honest lie.
Smiling at my reflection—
believing in my own deception.
And being so demanding
for the world to notice me.

when I close my eyes,
the fragments are nowhere in sight.
I still cry—
reasons may vary as to why.
My smile’s genuine.
I can share my inner reflection.
No longer demanding,
I’ve grown to be understanding.
The world to me
is what I choose to notice
even if it were a dream.


Whispering, “I Love You”


so as not to echo

I whisper,

I love you.”

That slight grin

and bubbly giggle

lights my heart on fire.

I don’t need anything in return.

A squeeze of your hand

is enough for me to understand.

Next time

when I whisper, “I love you

I want you

to keep being you.