Red Wine

Image from Pixabay

Bottled and aged with sophistication,
I’m infatuated.
Her look. Her charm.
More so, my virginity unrelated.

She pours into my glass,
smooth as satin only her and I know.
Her elegance intoxicating.
Touching my lips, I ask for more.

Sharing my thoughts with her,
I breathe in every bittersweet reply.
Glass after glass,
eventually calling it a night.

I went to bed alone,
laying there in silhouetted light.
I fell in love with a woman
who I met in a glass of red wine.

My bad…

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Image from GIPHY

Crimson twirls—
cackles of auburn pierce the night.
Sunset faded hours ago,
its warmth still burns—

Scared, and

These thoughts flicker as I stare into the flame—
watching fragmented star light float to the night sky.

This and “Locket” were poems I couldn’t record audio for. I think these two particular poems can stand alone.


Image from Pixabay

I wear a special locket,
naked to the eye and seen by me.
It was worn when I was devoted—
devoted to an illustrious dream.

The contents remain unknown.
Maybe there’s a smile or a little note.
Even though I call it my own,
I don’t want to risk letting it go.

It’s my first ever locket—
one I don’t care to open.
When someone gets close, I hide it.
Perhaps, I can show them.

And if I do,
they’ll see the feelings I had—only for you.
Some will offer to trade it for something better.
I can’t do that. What does it matter?

I wear a special locket,
naked to the eye and seen by me.
I keep it close—
never letting go of that precious dream.

There will be cases where audio versions will ruin the essence of the poem.