On Display

Armed with a grey scale of thought,
my eyes bleed magenta.
I’ve felt the warmth in blue,
burned by the intensity of white,
misled by red,
questioned yellow—
yet I remain
translucent to anticipation
in display for the eyes of the world


Pillows of cut
bananas and assorted berries
adorn the mattress of batter
Warm and conforming 
a satin sheet of syrup
evenly spread
from the comfort of my bed.

The Write Dilemma

Starting at the end,
only circling back again.
Now, where to begin?


Rolled by the hands of man
rice and vegetables of the land
Collaborate fish and seaweed from the ocean
to harmonize its cooperation
Maybe it’s just me
but the understanding of land, sky, and sea,
can be found in a roll of sushi.