Was I ever beautiful?

Encased in bronze,
I became a masterpiece.

Death of a child?
Loss of a husband?

I have forgotten
what pains me so perpetually.

My screams are silent
echoing through eternity.

The rain cries on me now—
tears I think I deserve.

My eyes trapped behind cold hands.
If by chance you can hear me,

“Was I ever beautiful?”

Not out loud

Time wanders around outside—
inviting your imagination to come play.
I call it day-dreaming.
You call it, “a creative time-out.”

You always ask
what I’m thinking.
But I’m too busy 
trying to answer,
what inspires you,
what you dream about, and
why I love the real you.

Just when I draw an answer,
your whispered wink tells me,
not out loud.”

(taken from Pinterest: behance.net)

Her Masterpiece

Art by: Yuumei


brush in hand,

she creates the image of the world she sees.

Buckets of emotions—



sorrow, and


her knowledge and experience

evident in every stroke.

Expression through imagery and color

is a masterpiece in its own right,

hidden within

the depths of her soul

for no one to see but her.