To who she’s with now

Forgive me
I may have said things.
It’s not how it should be
but I pushed you away.
With nothing,
I’m only drowning
in my reality.
So, I have this to say,

“To the one in her arms
tell her you love her.
When you make a promise,
promise to keep it forever.
I know it’s common sense.
She can get pretty angry
but she’s a big softy.
When she wakes in the mornings,
she’s a fan of kisses and coffee.
Why am I telling you this?
It’s because she deserves better
than my played out lyrics.”


Don’t watch me Cry

When I manage to say
the right words that touch your soul.

When you tell me
I mean more to you than the world.

When we’re together,
foreshadowing forever.

When you tell me,
I love you”, knowing you’re angry.

When we fight all night—
too fixated on who’s right.

When you pack everything
including my dreams.

When you moved on in life—
don’t watch me cry.


Image from Pixabay

I wear a special locket,
naked to the eye and seen by me.
It was worn when I was devoted—
devoted to an illustrious dream.

The contents remain unknown.
Maybe there’s a smile or a little note.
Even though I call it my own,
I don’t want to risk letting it go.

It’s my first ever locket—
one I don’t care to open.
When someone gets close, I hide it.
Perhaps, I can show them.

And if I do,
they’ll see the feelings I had—only for you.
Some will offer to trade it for something better.
I can’t do that. What does it matter?

I wear a special locket,
naked to the eye and seen by me.
I keep it close—
never letting go of that precious dream.

There will be cases where audio versions will ruin the essence of the poem.