Take my tears

Let me stand
under a starless sky
for you.
When the stars
are greedily taken,
take my tears instead.

You can whisper your wish
as close to them as you want.
You can reach out
and feel how warm they are.
You can rest,
knowing they’ve been heard.

When I stand
under a starless sky,
I will wish for your wishes.
If the stars
are greedily taken that night,
please take my tears instead.

Image taken from Pinterest

Shattered yet whole

The splinters from being shattered

no longer hurt.

I don’t know

if it was from piecing back the fragments

or the memories that was once solid.

Staring into each shard,

I saw myself.

The Lover

The Friend

The Vulnerable and

The Unforgiven

With every glimpse through different sizes

was a part of me that needed ME.


with a broken mirror to look into,

I can see that I’m still whole.