Not out loud

Time wanders around outside—
inviting your imagination to come play.
I call it day-dreaming.
You call it, “a creative time-out.”

You always ask
what I’m thinking.
But I’m too busy 
trying to answer,
what inspires you,
what you dream about, and
why I love the real you.

Just when I draw an answer,
your whispered wink tells me,
not out loud.”

(taken from Pinterest:

To who she’s with now

Forgive me
I may have said things.
It’s not how it should be
but I pushed you away.
With nothing,
I’m only drowning
in my reality.
So, I have this to say,

“To the one in her arms
tell her you love her.
When you make a promise,
promise to keep it forever.
I know it’s common sense.
She can get pretty angry
but she’s a big softy.
When she wakes in the mornings,
she’s a fan of kisses and coffee.
Why am I telling you this?
It’s because she deserves better
than my played out lyrics.”