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Rolled by the hands of man
rice and vegetables of the land
Collaborate fish and seaweed from the ocean
to harmonize its cooperation
Maybe it’s just me
but the understanding of land, sky, and sea,
can be found in a roll of sushi.

Cinnamon Roll

Swirled little pastry of caramelized cinnamon,
I love how you hypnotize my appetite
over and over again.
An accent of butter—NO!
A top full of sweet cream!
You will partner well with my coffee.
You play such a simple and delightful role
to help awaken my morning soul.

I’ve been slacking on food poems lately. If this made you hungry, Go and get yourself one! You deserve it!

A Table with Friends

Friends are like food
that I can’t keep myself away from.
When I’m the mood for
knowledge, advice, or a laugh,
I reach out to one or all of them.

First are the Sweet Ones.
Innocent as icing
and adorable in their own way.
Some may be too sweet,
so I’ll treat myself perhaps once a week.

Then there are the Healthy Ones,
organic in flavor
and raw to the core.
Honest and trustworthy,
I can’t be greedy and ask for more.

There are a few which are considered Bland
and can’t be by themselves.
One can’t be without
the other.
I appreciate their bond when we’re all together.

The Spicy Ones can
lure you in with their enticement.
They can wear danger
and make it look seductive.
Trust me, it can make for great times…if you don’t regret it.

But I have to question,
“Which one am I?”
Am I Sweet?
Healthy? Bland or Spicy?
I like to think I’m the drink when others get thirsty.

Angel Food Cake

Image from Pixabay

My sinful little angel,
adorned with bleeding berries
of a new moon.

Your whipped wings pattern the plate,
awaiting a delectable doom.
Cherubs scowl at every bite,
such a rapturing and glorious delight!

A feeling we have,
that’s easily gone too soon.