Half-Silvered Mirror

Image from Unsplash

Reading poetry,
only a few have broken
the Forth Wall.
When they do,
I feel the tears in me dry...
The friend I need at that moment
and the advice that’s so subtle,
it’s more than welcoming.
Because I know
without its words,
I’m not ashamed at how I feel
for someone has written their survival.

While some can manage this,
most are naïve—
admiring themselves
in the half-silvered mirror
they call your eyes.

Transparent Walls

Admiring someone from behind
these transparent walls
only adds to the guilt
of strengthening them.

Just when I start
to have hope,
like others before
I watch them give up and walk away.

If only it were obvious
that it wasn’t meant
to keep anyone away
nor is it my prison.

To help ease the pain,
I find a way to reinforce
the damage they did
for the next person to try.

I’ve convinced myself,
after so many failed attempts,
that I’ve closed-off my heart
when I’ve had it open this whole time.

I don’t need someone
to save me—
I want someone strong enough
to need me.

*Image by 500px.com

Bedroom Battle Scars

I’m not a knight
that most women dream of having
or what some people
aren’t used to seeing.
Doffing my armor,
let me “show and tell” you
about my bedroom battle scars.

At first glance,
you’ll notice the singes
from hand-prints that once
scorched my chest.

Along my abdomen,
passed the many wax burns,
are two sets of initials—
permanently etched 
and burdened to carry.

Looking at my wrists,
you’ll see healed bruise marks—
having been rubbed raw from
being hand-cuffed or tied down. 

Born with a
bullseye beauty mark
on my bottom lip,
it’s an obvious target 
that’s been gnawed
and preyed upon.

While you’re there,
take a look at my neck.
It gives me chills
thinking about
all the bite marks
that once excited me.

Turning around,
you’ll see angel wings
scratched across my shoulder blades.
It’s not as prominent
on the small of my back
or behind my thighs
but there were a few.

Each scar has its story 
and they’re not fairy tales.
I’m a knight forever bound to her fire.
The hotter, tougher,
rougher, and wilder—
the better my skills 
will remain a myth to many. 

*Image from Pinterest