Tag: free verse

Uncharted Course

When the boatman’s bell tolls
I must answer the call.
The crew, one by one, crossing that brow alone.
The colors of constellations
will remain at half-mast for now.
With an uncharted course set,
a prayer will be enough to help guide us out.
Where we are going
no angels will greet us.
we will be welcomed by the songs of sirens
behind a veil of salt spray.
With Poseidon’s back turned,
I can enjoy one last affair with the sea.
Carrying only her scent,
I can set off to another foreign shore,
calling it home.

Forbidden Fruit

within reach,
hangs an immature heart.
It’s sweetness so tempting
and having traveled far for its knowledge.
Loneliness will be a memory now.
Twisting and pulling,
the fruit comes undone at your hand.
Savor the taste of an unrequited love,
not of your garden
but of another.

Talking to a rock

Mourning dew saturates your stone,
silhouetted memories buried within me.
Birds try to sing harmonic psalms,
but only silent scores reach our ears.
It’s difficult to say the right words now,
when it was easy to say the wrong ones.
here I am,
Talking to a rock.
Shows how desperate I am to talk to you,
when I never let you say your piece.
You’re probably telling me to smile,
It’s not what I want!
I want you to blame me.
How I could’ve been better!
Always lying and
why you left me—
I know this doesn’t make sense,
even I struggle to comprehend it.
I only hope is that you think about me
as much as I think about you.

Beautiful by Accident

Who would’ve guessed
that all the times you’ve broken
you thought you were at your best.
Like stained glass
the pieces look better now
then they did before