From my hands

Art by: Elentori

From my hands

I share with you the beauty

from my voided soul.

My tongue stutters

the words that conjure from thought,

blotted by the ink of a pen.

From my hands,

I pluck the petals into every word—

knowing I’ll be left with nothing

except what I once valued

and no longer need,

cleaning out my conscience.

From my hands—

my tired and stained hands,

they can still manage to give

a smile to someone

who needs it

more than

I do.

Her Masterpiece

Art by: Yuumei


brush in hand,

she creates the image of the world she sees.

Buckets of emotions—



sorrow, and


her knowledge and experience

evident in every stroke.

Expression through imagery and color

is a masterpiece in its own right,

hidden within

the depths of her soul

for no one to see but her.

The scent of, “I Love You”

Taken from Pinterest:

A natural mystic

when she wears

vanilla and lavender—

I surrender myself to her.

Drawn to her waiting garden

like a wandering steed—

my trance guided by instinct.

She can wipe the tears

from a weeping willow


like a dream,

she is everywhere I turn.

Having traveled so far a distance,

the scent of, “I Love You

always guides me home.