Take my tears

Let me stand
under a starless sky
for you.
When the stars
are greedily taken,
take my tears instead.

You can whisper your wish
as close to them as you want.
You can reach out
and feel how warm they are.
You can rest,
knowing they’ve been heard.

When I stand
under a starless sky,
I will wish for your wishes.
If the stars
are greedily taken that night,
please take my tears instead.

Image taken from Pinterest

From my hands

Art by: Elentori

From my hands

I share with you the beauty

from my voided soul.

My tongue stutters

the words that conjure from thought,

blotted by the ink of a pen.

From my hands,

I pluck the petals into every word—

knowing I’ll be left with nothing

except what I once valued

and no longer need,

cleaning out my conscience.

From my hands—

my tired and stained hands,

they can still manage to give

a smile to someone

who needs it

more than

I do.

Past and Future

Starlit nights are all that I have.

I use them to look back

at what I had.

I’ve never felt so alone.

My days are wasted thinking of you,

like a worn-out love song

played a time or two.

I just wish I knew

how to throw them all away.

But when the past and future collide,

I know

somewhere in my heart,

I’d give love another try.

All I can do

is think of you

and hope I get it right.

Hidden among the stars

There’s a secret I share with the stars.
I admit that you’re still buried in my heart.
A glutton for sin,
I still imagine
writing, “I Love You” on your skin.

Staring at the cosmos,
the memories of you still ebbs and flows.
I just need one more kiss
from those intoxicating lips
to get drunk off your love again when it happens.

A trickle of flashbacks together
last as long as a meteor shower.
When the moon begins to set,
I’ll try my best to forget
that I’m alone again.