Tag: heartbreak

Past and Future

Starlit nights are all that I have.

I use them to look back

at what I had.

I’ve never felt so alone.

My days are wasted thinking of you,

like a worn-out love song

played a time or two.

I just wish I knew

how to throw them all away.

But when the past and future collide,

I know

somewhere in my heart,

I’d give love another try.

All I can do

is think of you

and hope I get it right.

Hidden among the stars

There’s a secret I share with the stars.
I admit that you’re still buried in my heart.
A glutton for sin,
I still imagine
writing, “I Love You” on your skin.

Staring at the cosmos,
the memories of you still ebbs and flows.
I just need one more kiss
from those intoxicating lips
to get drunk off your love again when it happens.

A trickle of flashbacks together
last as long as a meteor shower.
When the moon begins to set,
I’ll try my best to forget
that I’m alone again.

Don’t watch me Cry

When I manage to say
the right words that touch your soul.

When you tell me
I mean more to you than the world.

When we’re together,
foreshadowing forever.

When you tell me,
I love you”, knowing you’re angry.

When we fight all night—
too fixated on who’s right.

When you pack everything
including my dreams.

When you moved on in life—
don’t watch me cry.

Can’t Let Go


Recurring nightmares of loving you

still make me sweat.

I can’t take back honest words—

words I don’t regret



I’m honestly happy

you’re better off without me.

I don’t ever want you to

feel like this.

Lost without a kiss…

Feeling inadequate or passionless…

That part of me

is bearable and unfortunate.


Swollen from crying—

tears I don’t want you to see.

Just do me a favor…

pretend you’re smiling for me.

So I can pretend

that I can live like you do—

blissfully happy without me.