Pride of a Lion

Sunrises and sunsets
glaze those eyes.
Staring ever so quietly,
observing all that hides.

With every step—
a rhythm of your pride.
Victories and failures,
forever shadow your side.

Let not your scars
fool you.
Some were self-inflicted
while others are respected.

When you cry,
a raging battle hymn.
With every tear that drops,
your soul forgives another sin.

I can see
the lion inside.
I know you don’t hide,
it’s just our way of life.

When Love is Love

When a man and a man kiss
or I watch two women propose,
I can’t help but be envious and jealous—
When Love is Love

When a father plays “Princess” with his daughter
or a son plays catch with his mother,
I can’t help but sit and admire—
When Love is Love

When a girl adopts a blind dog
or a guy chats with his cat,
I can’t help but understand—
When Love is Love

When a meaningful hug is given at an airport
or a genuine prayer is said at a hospital,
I can’t help but wonder—
When Love is Love

When the most painful apologies come at a funeral
or when forgiveness is long due passed,
I can’t help but ask—
When Love is Love

When you love someone and
you’re afraid of losing them,
It makes you sit and question—
When Love is Love.

My Solo

Everything I’ve hated about myself
I take to the stage.
What people see as a shimmering star
is uncertainty glistening off me.
They can’t see my hands shaking
the sweat from my palms.
drowned by their anticipation.
All falls silent,
the same it felt while
steadying my hand to write.

I lose myself.

Their heartstrings
strummed at my fingers.
The words,
too embarrassed to share,
speak to them.
By the end of the performance,
their applause
remind me of the sound
my tears make when hitting the floor.
At the end, I still walk away alone.