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Pillows of cut
bananas and assorted berries
adorn the mattress of batter
Warm and conforming 
a satin sheet of syrup
evenly spread
from the comfort of my bed.

Uncharted Course

When the boatman’s bell tolls
I must answer the call.
The crew, one by one, crossing that brow alone.
The colors of constellations
will remain at half-mast for now.
With an uncharted course set,
a prayer will be enough to help guide us out.
Where we are going
no angels will greet us.
we will be welcomed by the songs of sirens
behind a veil of salt spray.
With Poseidon’s back turned,
I can enjoy one last affair with the sea.
Carrying only her scent,
I can set off to another foreign shore,
calling it home.

Hands On

Giving are the hands
Life, Love, and splendid grandeur
birthing radiance

Sippin' on a Sunset

Remembering those barefoot Summer nights,
I’d sip the day away in delight.
Bitter as a mosquito bite
and sweet as the present,
nothing beats chillin’ and sippin’ on a sunset.