Tag: loss

I get it

Let’s just assume
you’re in your room,

How many tears have you cried
for someone you needed tonight?

If it weren’t a dream,
then who would it be?

What words would you’ve said
to make things right again?

A kiss or a touch?
Is that asking for too much?
I get it.

Let’s just assume
someone else is in their room
thinking and dreaming of you.

Reaching passed the stars
to hold your broken heart.

If it weren’t just a dream,
you’d be all they’d need.

Words needn’t be said
because they’d have stolen your breath.

A kiss or touch
from them would never be enough.

Believe me,
I get it.

My Forever Friend

She never understood the words I said.
she’d rub her puffy tail against my head.
Purr after purr
I’d stroke her soft orange-hued fur.
I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without her.

It’s been 2 years now.
I can still hear her meow.
I still think about her somehow.
Dawn-tinted skies
remind me of her golden eyes.
I can still feel her curl up next to me on those sleepless nights.
When I can’t find the words,
I smile—remembering her ceaseless purrs.
Her headbutts and graceful struts,
I wonder if she misses me and hears my thoughts.

I know her coat matches the colors in heaven.
When I’m alone, I call out to her again,
she’ll leave the clouds and come to me—for she’s my forever friend.