Another May

My memory ages you every
year, month, and this particular day.
Blurred like when we parted ways,
I’m left scrambling to not let you go.
Forgive me for saying
but I see you in everyone I meet.
A friend of mine has your eyes.
Another retorts and acts
similar to the way you used to.
Is it rude of me to think,
for that particular moment,
that I’m with you—again?

I hope that pieces of me
are found wherever you are.
Have you been getting the voicemails
I leave in your pillow?!
It’s just like you to not answer back.
you always find a way to make it up to me.
Sending blue jays outside my window.
Restructuring my poetry when I’m finished.
Assuring me—
you’re still here when I need you.
I’ve always preferred your mind than your body.

And just like that,
another year…another May.
It’s still not easy
but I’m trying.
I’ve grown to love
the smell of sandalwood.
I still cry when I’m not supposed to.
I laugh and smile a little more.
I know it’s safe,
where you are.
But for old-time’s sake,
make sure to take care of yourself.

(artist unknown: taken from Pinterest)

To who she’s with now

Forgive me
I may have said things.
It’s not how it should be
but I pushed you away.
With nothing,
I’m only drowning
in my reality.
So, I have this to say,

“To the one in her arms
tell her you love her.
When you make a promise,
promise to keep it forever.
I know it’s common sense.
She can get pretty angry
but she’s a big softy.
When she wakes in the mornings,
she’s a fan of kisses and coffee.
Why am I telling you this?
It’s because she deserves better
than my played out lyrics.”


I get it

Let’s just assume
you’re in your room,

How many tears have you cried
for someone you needed tonight?

If it weren’t a dream,
then who would it be?

What words would you’ve said
to make things right again?

A kiss or a touch?
Is that asking for too much?
I get it.

Let’s just assume
someone else is in their room
thinking and dreaming of you.

Reaching passed the stars
to hold your broken heart.

If it weren’t just a dream,
you’d be all they’d need.

Words needn’t be said
because they’d have stolen your breath.

A kiss or touch
from them would never be enough.

Believe me,
I get it.

My Forever Friend

She never understood the words I said.
she’d rub her puffy tail against my head.
Purr after purr
I’d stroke her soft orange-hued fur.
I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without her.

It’s been 2 years now.
I can still hear her meow.
I still think about her somehow.
Dawn-tinted skies
remind me of her golden eyes.
I can still feel her curl up next to me on those sleepless nights.
When I can’t find the words,
I smile—remembering her ceaseless purrs.
Her headbutts and graceful struts,
I wonder if she misses me and hears my thoughts.

I know her coat matches the colors in heaven.
When I’m alone, I call out to her again,
she’ll leave the clouds and come to me—for she’s my forever friend.