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Ugly little cupcake

with a sugared top,

where do you get off

stealing my heart?!

I didn’t know you hid berries

in all the right places.

Simply amazing and



Pillows of cut
bananas and assorted berries
adorn the mattress of batter
Warm and conforming 
a satin sheet of syrup
evenly spread
from the comfort of my bed.

Fit for a Phoenix

Melodies of birds,
carried on gospel winds,
greet the rising phoenix.
Caught in its gentlest gale,
evening subsides to rest again.
Such is the silence,
Fit for a phoenix

Morning Tea

Amber as the eye of dawn,
warm is the sunlight in my cup.
A pinch of sugar topped with a mint leaf,
memories of youth and the future
swirl in the purity of nature before me.