Tag: nature

Something about the rain

There’s something about the sound of the falling rain.

The worries of the world slowly wash away.

Trickle and drop,

it doesn’t seem to stop.

Tapping to the tune of another closed in day.

Hands On

Giving are the hands
Life, Love, and splendid grandeur
birthing radiance

Traveling to Evergreen

There’s a place where the river can be mistaken for a field.
Its green so pristine, emeralds shine every foot and fathom.
When the wind blew, it would bend
the watery knolls in its wake.
I have never seen such clouds—
mistaking it for Dragon’s Breath.
Forming dense patches,
my curiosity taunts me
to reach for it.
The slopes never touched the sky
as if unworthy for heaven.
It made the dangerous
faces so inviting.
There were no trees, but this place
radiated life.
Tucked away and untouched
by civilization, my peace.
When the time comes
to move on from this world,
I would love to go there again.
This place of Evergreen.