The scent of, “I Love You”

Taken from Pinterest:

A natural mystic

when she wears

vanilla and lavender—

I surrender myself to her.

Drawn to her waiting garden

like a wandering steed—

my trance guided by instinct.

She can wipe the tears

from a weeping willow


like a dream,

she is everywhere I turn.

Having traveled so far a distance,

the scent of, “I Love You

always guides me home.

Mornings at my desk

Marbled morning skies are breathless

Only the gossip of birds echo through the silence

Dampening dew soften the ground

Nor wind or silhouette make a sound

As the sun begins to peek its little eye,

shadows are shaded back to life

The buds of Spring are now evident,

it took a bit to take it all in

I’d rather be still—in the moment

like the pen upon my desk

where we lay dormant