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Closing my eyes

When I’ve closed my eyes,
I saw and felt parts of my life.
Times where I’ve cried
having told an honest lie.
Smiling at my reflection—
believing in my own deception.
And being so demanding
for the world to notice me.

when I close my eyes,
the fragments are nowhere in sight.
I still cry—
reasons may vary as to why.
My smile’s genuine.
I can share my inner reflection.
No longer demanding,
I’ve grown to be understanding.
The world to me
is what I choose to notice
even if it were a dream.


Whispering, “I Love You”


so as not to echo

I whisper,

I love you.”

That slight grin

and bubbly giggle

lights my heart on fire.

I don’t need anything in return.

A squeeze of your hand

is enough for me to understand.

Next time

when I whisper, “I love you

I want you

to keep being you.


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Another sleepless night—

staring at the star-lit sky.

Outstretched hands,

grasping to understand,

the distant dreams

that are within reach.

Why, Poetry?

Like a vintage love letter,
so fragile to open,
admire its beauty for what it is.

As you read,
use your voice first.
How and why does it
relate to you?
Then instinct takes over,
What was the Poet trying to say?

Poetry written
is a soul encased in a locked box
of words and those who understand
can see through
that person’s eyes.