Tag: Poetry


Aspect of color

refracting the inner soul

taking time to see

Paper mache heart

An empty heart can still be seen,
making the perfect mold to cast over.
Strips, unevenly torn, of red and pink—
the bits I kept that meant the most—
are lightly brushed over
with a blended mixture of
wishful thinking and tears of “I Love You.”
Decorated with ribbons, bows, and lace,
helps keep everything in place.
They overlap,
trying to cover the pain
from “We’re Over.”
It’s how I see my heart—
the perfect gift
for myself.


When I’m able to,

I talk to the moon to remind you

that there’s nothing wrong

with missing home—

you are not alone.


Like an untamable breeze,

you were meant to be wild and free.

Free to go anywhere,

giving what you can share.

Home will always be here.


Wipe away the tears I can’t see

and put your trust in me.

You’re just a call away

to hear a familiar face.

I’m home and I’ll always invite you to stay.

Pointless Scribble

A pointless scribble

is not so simple

when it comes to how I feel for you.

My mind stutters—

what do you expect from a wallflower?

The thought of “US

even has me jealous.

Peeking through the blue lines,

scribbled feelings hide.