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October’s bellowing anger breaks and cleaves
the bronzed battalions of the stricken wood
in whose lament I hear a voice that grieves
for battle’s fruitless harvest, and the feud
of outraged men. Their lives are like the leaves
scattered in flocks of ruin, tossed and blown
along the westering furnace flaring red.
O martyred youth and manhood overthrown,
the burden of your wrongs is on my head.

Written by: Siegfried Sassoon from his book, Counter Attack and other poems ©1918

This is a public domain book. All credit goes to Mr. Siegfried Sassoon

Lemon Pie

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The world full of gladness,
there are joys of many kinds,
there’s a cure for every sadness,
that each troubled mortal finds.

And my little cares grow lighter
and I cease to fret and sigh,
and my eyes with joy grow brighter
when she makes lemon pie.

When the bronze is on the filling,
that’s one mass of shining gold,
and its molten joy is spilling
on the plate, my heart grows bold
and the kids and I in chorus
raise one glad exultant cry
and we cheer the treat before us
which is mother’s lemon pie.

Then the little troubles vanish,
and the sorrows disappear,
then we find the grit to banish
all the cares that hovered near,
and we smack our lips in pleasure
o’er a joy no coin can buy,
and we down the golden treasure
which is known as lemon pie.

Written by: Edgar A. Guest
From his book, “Just Folks” ©1917

All credit goes to Mr. Edgar Guest!