A Fairy Tale kind of love

I prefer a barefooted Cinderella.

Without her glass slippers,

we can dance lightly together.

A voiceless siren can still sing.

Pushing back the waves of hair,

her glances and smiles call to me.

Acknowledging her seven little misdeeds,

she too is flawed as I am.

The Snow White of my dreams.

Growing up in Disney’s treasure trove,


I’ve always wanted a Fairy Tale kind of love.

Why, Poetry?

Like a vintage love letter,
so fragile to open,
admire its beauty for what it is.

As you read,
use your voice first.
How and why does it
relate to you?
Then instinct takes over,
What was the Poet trying to say?

Poetry written
is a soul encased in a locked box
of words and those who understand
can see through
that person’s eyes.