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When it comes to love

I’m not great at one-liners—that much is obvious

I won’t climb mountains or swim through an ocean

to prove my devotion.

When it comes to love, I’m completely oblivious.

I’m sort of like a ‘hand-me-down’ kind of guy.

Not the storybook Prince Charming,

Dashing, or Daring.

When it comes to love, I’m better at Good-bye’s.

I know I’m not a romantic

but I can be passionate,

resilient, and patient.


when it comes to love, I don’t know anything about it.

Can't Let Go


Recurring nightmares of loving you

still make me sweat.

I can’t take back honest words—

words I don’t regret



I’m honestly happy

you’re better off without me.

I don’t ever want you to

feel like this.

Lost without a kiss…

Feeling inadequate or passionless…

That part of me

is bearable and unfortunate.


Swollen from crying—

tears I don’t want you to see.

Just do me a favor…

pretend you’re smiling for me.

So I can pretend

that I can live like you do—

blissfully happy without me.

Nothing More Beautiful

A whisper can silence all my chaos.

Your melody can reach that voided spot

and comfort my heart.

It’s not just me but it’s who you are.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you.


With a blush of dawn,

you push me to keep going on.

A smile worth smiling back,

I can take your hand and try again.

There’s nothing more beautiful than you.


How does one payback a lost angel?

With a pocket full of sin, a man can still be grateful.

Mesmerized by all you do

and what you have seen me go through,

I want you to know that

there’s nothing more beautiful than you.

Here's a Magic Trick

With sleight of hand, you grabbed my attention.
You guessed correctly from every card drawn from my emotions.
I give you my two cents and you turn it into a dollar.
Your eyes burn with passion—like wild fire.
When you dunked, gagged, and handcuffed me,
I came out unscathed, smiling, and happy.

I couldn’t wait for the Grand Finale!
There’s one more trick that I wanted to see.
It’s the one with a box behind your back and performing it on one knee.
You had another act in mind,
the one where you disappeared and left me behind.

It seemed too surreal to be tragic.
The art of illusion was your greatest magic trick.