Closing my eyes

When I’ve closed my eyes,
I saw and felt parts of my life.
Times where I’ve cried
having told an honest lie.
Smiling at my reflection—
believing in my own deception.
And being so demanding
for the world to notice me.

when I close my eyes,
the fragments are nowhere in sight.
I still cry—
reasons may vary as to why.
My smile’s genuine.
I can share my inner reflection.
No longer demanding,
I’ve grown to be understanding.
The world to me
is what I choose to notice
even if it were a dream.


Updates to Jar of Poetry

Why Hello There

I hope you’re all doing well!

Yup…it’s about that time for me to make some updates and changes to the site (Oh Johnny Boy). There’s more to this post than that though—trust me! *Big grin

I wanted to do an audio entry for this but I found it easier to just write it out.

The interactions on Jar of Poetry (JOP) mean a lot to me. Really, it does! So, I’ve been trying to think of a cool gift to give you—digitally of course. I spent a good portion, this morning, reading up on how I can make this happen. And, yours truly, found a way!

Even though I can’t technically gift it to you—legalities, I can offer this: Promotional Codes to the audiobooks I’ve narrated and produced, exclusive to the US and UK…sorry my friends in other countries 😦

And here they are:

The First Audiobook I produced!

The topic itself caught my attention. It was great working with the author!

I found it ironic that Jason asked me to help him with this book… I procrastinate a lot!

There is another one, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Elizabeth Yang, but I don’t have codes for that.

If any of these interest you, especially you Audible users and those curious about audiobooks, send me an email:

In the email, just let me know which book and whether you’re in the US or UK.

Again, I apologize to my friends and readers outside the US and UK.

This should be the part where I try to con you and say something like, “Don’t forget to leave a review!

Don’t do it for me though. It’ll definitely the help the authors…I treat my work like the posts on JOP—if I have something to share, then I will.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m excited to let you know that I’ll be adding a new section to the menu bar. I’m still trying to figure out what to call it though 😀

Why am I making this a big deal?

There’s a tinsy-little secret I’ve been keeping from you that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing yet. But I think the timing is right…only if you’re ready to take our reader/writer/friendship to the next level.

The first post of this new section will be on Sunday, EST, alongside the poetry. Here’s to patience, yeah?!

And with that, I wish you the very best my friends.


My Biography

Flipping through the pages of my biography,
I noticed there were a few discrepancies.
I never fell in Love
I don’t live with an “Us”…
Since when was I content
with not having enough?

The writer wrote in ink—
staining my memories and violating everything.
Who was the writer?
Did I hire a liar?!
Maybe I should’ve gone with
someone with more desire.

After years of waiting,
I have to start all over from the beginning.
Each year births a new me,
concepts change—constantly.
I guess it’s time to rewrite
my biography.

How I tell time

Do you worry about the
seconds, minutes, and hours?
I never knew that a clock
had such time-consuming powers.

This is how I tell time

The length of cigarettes
to give me a chance to calm my stress.
Drinks with friends,
enjoying each other’s company before it ends.
Cussing and swearing to my heart’s content.
I can let loose those fucking words, but just for a moment.
Laughing and smiling when things go wrong
because I know I won’t have a chance again when it’s all said and done.
Getting lost in a daydream,
witnessing what I can achieve.
Procrastinating on things that need done
when a nap sounds like more fun.
How much it takes to recover from laughing so hard,
knowing damn well that it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!
And how long it takes for tears to dry
after a very painful goodbye.

Can you see why
I don’t let little hands tell me the time.
It’s said, “Time waits for no one.”

I beg to differ.
Life waits for no one.”
Still not convinced?
Take some time…