Closing my eyes

When I’ve closed my eyes,
I saw and felt parts of my life.
Times where I’ve cried
having told an honest lie.
Smiling at my reflection—
believing in my own deception.
And being so demanding
for the world to notice me.

when I close my eyes,
the fragments are nowhere in sight.
I still cry—
reasons may vary as to why.
My smile’s genuine.
I can share my inner reflection.
No longer demanding,
I’ve grown to be understanding.
The world to me
is what I choose to notice
even if it were a dream.



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Crimson twirls—
cackles of auburn pierce the night.
Sunset faded hours ago,
its warmth still burns—

Scared, and

These thoughts flicker as I stare into the flame—
watching fragmented star light float to the night sky.

This and “Locket” were poems I couldn’t record audio for. I think these two particular poems can stand alone.

Talking to Myself

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Indecisive to the direction I go,

You’re like the wind.

Taking misguided steps to nowhere,

your foot’s in front of the other—going somewhere.

Having nothing to offer within these bare branches,

you still reach out while standing tall.

I feel like I don’t belong.

You’re a flower in a misplaced forest.

When I’m lost in my flaws, I ask myself,

“How can I be lost if I’m everywhere?”