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Remember Me?


You remember me?
Probably just a mistake in identity.
There’s no book to help cross-reference reality…
Just breathe… One… Two… Three…
I know I am someone to somebody but I’m nobody I can remember.

Was I a kind and caring person?
Did I ignite their pain with misconception?
Why can’t we make the distinction?
I didn’t mean for this to happen…
I wish I can tell you but I don’t remember

This is a finished and unfinished project, depending on you see it.

Asphalt River

Leaves begin to scatter—

scraping across the asphalt.

The sound of a river

coursing through my street.



Ebbing with the wind

I wish I can toss my memories into the current

but they will eventually

find their way back to me.


Hands On

Giving are the hands
Life, Love, and splendid grandeur
birthing radiance

Saying, "I Love You"

Saying, “I Love You” is very poetic.
These are the words I don’t ever want to forget.

Since birth,
these little words were all I heard.
Passing out candy-shaped hearts in class,
I never felt anything from them. I just did what I was asked.
Wishing on stars and rehearsing each situation,
I can finally build up the courage to make a silly confession.
Saying these words, just to sound romantic,
I’ve used and abused it—forgetting what it really meant.
When I finally met the “One”,
saying them was never enough.
Throughout the years, I used them in many different ways.
Happy, sad, lonely, intimate, angry…whatever the case.
When death comes for me at bed,
I want those three words to be the last things said.

Saying, “I Love You” is very poetic.
These are the words I don’t ever want to forget.