Just 30 Seconds

Most memories are muted.
Yet, they continue to play unexpectedly.
It’s worse when written.
Like a silent film,
the pages sputter
as if they were a movie reel.
A showing
of actions and reactions—
quietly cuing
our emotions.

A brief showing of thirty seconds
can either make us
cry again,
hurt again,
love again,
or hope again.
Days seem to drag on,
others just blink away.

It’s only 30 seconds.

*Note: While flipping some pages in my notebook, purely out of boredom, my attention was fixated on the sound it was making. This is embarrassing to admit but it took a day to figure out that it sounded just like a 16mm movie reel.

In Moderation

A mango sunrise
is always a pleasant surprise.
It’s enough to keep me going
in this semi-chaotic life.

An amber tea afternoon
is what gets me through
my new normal
when tensions start to brew.

The whiskey-stained sunset
dulls the taste I want to forget.
Drinking and thinking
the day away
can be a philosophical addiction.