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Remembering Jar of Poetry

I still can’t believe we will be entering a new decade! So, to close out the final entry of 2019, let’s look back on 10 entries that impacted Jar of Poetry!

  1. Jar of Fireflies
    This is the first entry and the premise behind the site. Like fireflies, poetry is meant to be shared and admired by those who share the same fascination.

  1. Synthetically-Laced Puppet
    This last decade was filled with many things I never thought I’d face. Stepping away from the medication to combat PTSD, the experience helped inspire this piece.

  1. Locket
    Taking a chance at revealing something personal, the words from this poem naturally flowed. I was shocked at how many people related to it!

  1. Just not ready
    Originally meant to be a song, I never completed it. With a new blog and no material at the time, this led me to some old notebooks. After refining it to be a poem, I finally finished it, 3 years later.

  1. A Table with Friends
    Struggling with hunger pains, I went out to get some food. I ran into an old friend and ended up with a free meal from him. On my way back to the house, the idea to compare friends and food came to mind.

  1. How I tell time
    One of many ideas that kept me up at night. Despite the tired eyes and body fatigue, this poem was worth every second put into it.

  1. Come and Chill with Me
    A personal entry and my first personal Top 10 list. The only part that I didn’t like was having to listen to myself while trying to transcribe what I said. Oh well…it was still fun though.

  1. Her Vows
    This entry was the first time I gender-swapped. Writing from that point of view was new and I honestly found it interesting!

  1. Paper Airplanes
    Okay…stay with me here. This was inspired by Antony, who was inspired by Uncharted Course, to write this. This poem is the first time I did a poetry “Ping-back

  1. Nothing more beautiful
    The lines that inspired this whole thing was, “How does one payback a lost angel? With a pocket full of sin, a man can still be grateful.” This motivated—well…agitated me—to finish writing this to get some sleep. I bet you didn’t know that?!

It has been a wonderful time sharing these posts, along with some of the others, with you and having fun doing so. I look forward to keeping this up for 2020. The one thing I want will change is adding more audio to the posts.

And that my friends does it for JOP 2019. So until next Sunday (EST), I’m John-Anthony and this is our Jar of Poetry. I wish you a prosperous, wondrous, and most mischievous New Year! Take care!

Come and chill with me

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal entry, hasn’t it?

Let’s fix that! Grab a snack or a drink and join me for a personal audio entry!


Hi! I’m John-Anthony and this is Jar of Poetry. For those passing by and recent Followers, WELCOME! And to those who have been following me from the beginning, “HI!” I hope everyone is doing well.

Today’s entry is inspired by two people, Harley Unhinged and YouLittleCharmer (I had to rerecord this part…oops). A special thank you to you both! Don’t forget to click their links.

As some already know, I narrate and produce audiobooks as my job—for now. With the influx of projects and the holidays around the corner, I have been preoccupied to sit down and actually record something for you. Sorry about that.

To make this memorable, I am going to answer a list of some questions, so you can have a better idea who the guy is behind the JAR. Here are 10 things you may or may not want to know about me. Just keep mind, there’s no particular order.


  1. What is the most embarrassing thing have you cried about?

I don’t know which one it was but it was from Police Academy. That scene where the guy dropped his ice cream and was so angry, he flipped the car… I think it was Police Academy. Anyway, I remember my mom running into the living room and asking me what happened. I told her that the guy dropped his ice cream and that it made me sad. I have never seen her muster the discipline to not laugh at me…you have to love moms!


  1. What scares you the most?

I hope I’m not the only one who has this fear. It only happens when I go down a hallway or going up a flight of stairs in the dark. There’s this eerie feeling that something is going to grab me and have its way with me. I know you’re snickering…but the fear is real man!


  1. At what point did you think something you did was a bad idea?

Okay. It was back in my sophomore year in high school and I went to kiss my girlfriend. I didn’t know what I was doing so a simple peck was like my ultimate move at the time. Well, she decided to make it bit more intimate. Needless to say, not only did I try to push her away from me so I can breathe but I gagged. Not my proudest moment in my romantic life but yeah…it was one of many bad ideas.


  1. Is there a food you will never eat and why?

Onion Rings. When I was 5, I ate so many that it made me sick. Honestly, it was the first promise I ever made to myself to never do and still hold true to this day. Don’t judge me, I’ll be more than happy to give them to you if we were hanging out.


  1. What is the one thing you do that people tell you to stop?

I sing in the shower and karaoke with my reflection. My son always asks very politely, “Daddy…please don’t ruin the song.” (He has his mother’s wit at times)


  1. Which day of the week is your favorite and why?

Tomorrow…and for a few reasons. It’s the only day that doesn’t end in “Y”. It’s not on the calendar. And it’s always a perfect day to schedule things I don’t really care to do.


  1. Do you remember your ultimate prank?

Yes and I still bring it up with my ex. She hates cold weather. So, yours truly, spent countless minutes tying all the long-sleeve shirts and jackets together and neatly pile it up. When we were getting ready to head out, she pulled a jacket which was attached to a long-sleeve and then another jacket. That bruised arm was worth it!


  1. If you have tattoos, which one is your favorite and why?

I love all of my tattoos but if I were to choose one, it has to be my “Hang Loose” hand on my foot. Being that I associate being a surfer, it’s a homage to my old life. Whenever people look at it and I notice them, I shake my foot and say with a big grin, “Sup’ bro!


  1. What is your greatest verbal comeback?

I always mock what the person says to me. Like, “Why do you act like a child?!” (Mumbles… “why do you act like a child”) I acknowledge that this is childish but I laugh at it, more than I really should.


  1. Would you do another list?

Perhaps but I’ll leave that up to the Readers/Listeners. You see, I know that some of my posts may or may not connect with a person. I don’t chalk it up as a loss. I am with the mindset of “maybe I can get them next time!


And that ladies and gentlemen is the list of things you may or may not want to know about me. I had a lot of fun doing this! If you would like me to do another “List” entry, let me know and come up with some questions of your own!


As for that, thank you so much for hanging out with me today! It’s really nice to do an audio entry that I can just chill out with you. If you like this, consider “Following” or stopping by from time to time.  So, until next Sunday, I’m John-Anthony and this is Jar of Poetry. Take care and have a great week!