J A Reyes


I’m John-Anthony Reyes. Poetry enthusiast, audio narrator, and producer of Jar of Poetry.

Here’s a quick background:

  • I wanted to be a Shark Biologist since I was a kid. Writing took over that dream though—I don’t regret it 
  • Coast Guard Veteran 7 years of service
  • Former Medical/Dental assistant
  • Warehouse processor
  • Delivery driver for a Food Distribution company
  • Lead Warehouse Supervisor
  • Now a freelance audio narrator

As you can see, I’m as normal as it can get…I think. I’m also a single parent of a witty 9 year old boy who happens to be everything I need in my life. I also have 2 cats, Rayne and Momo, who captured my heart.

I began with journal writing that would eventually lead me to poetry. Coming from the island of Guam, my travels have taught me so much. The experience is what I sought out to help fuel my writing and creativity. I’m still trying to figure out where I belong in this world but I’m enjoying the scenery and the people I meet along the way.

I tend to be very social, despite being afraid of being in public. I’m not kidding, I shop in the early morning so I can avoid the crowds. 

I let my imagination run wild and curiosity provoke me to do some interesting things. Here’s a list of some random things:

  1. I’ve played my ukulele for free coffee
  2. Ate 10 different ethnic cuisines in one day
  3. Won an eating challenge and was awarded a $10 gift card
  4. Dressed as Tinker Bell for a week after losing a bet
  5. Left $5 at a few fuel stations because it sounded cool in my head
  6. I quit a job the first day because I wasn’t used to the evening shift
  7. Speaks with various accents while being in public
  8. Learns a new language just to order food 
  9. Wakes up at 4:30 am everyday—even on weekends
  10. Most of my ideas come from eating…see the theme here?

My favorite quote:

We’re all books waiting to be shelved. Be a story worth remembering.

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