The Writer


I’m John-Anthony—the guy responsible for Jar of Poetry.

My goals for this site are simple:

  • Write and Share poetry
  • Connect with and Support poets

I do my best to entertain, agitate a thought, or stir a feeling in a reader when I write. And, if I am able to, add an audio version to accompany the post(s).

I’m from Guam but call Ohio home…for now. I have one son and fellow foodie, Kai. I am also a slave to 2 cats- Rayne and Momo.

When I’m not writing or thinking about food, I read poetry and dark fantasy novels (currently reading The Witcher series—so awesome!). Some other hobbies include: playing video games (I’m an RPG fan), playing my ukulele, watching documentaries and anime, and drawing some potential tattoo designs (I drew all the ones I have on me).

This is the only platform I really socialize on—until I’m convinced otherwise. I prefer the company of people who make me laugh, smile, and think. I have a tendency of “nerding-out” on random things, so forgive me if I go off topic.

If there’s anything you’d like to know, don’t be afraid to ask. My rule is to answer a question when asked one—my mom beat it into me 😂🤣